Luxury objects for your living room

by Monday , January 18 2016 15:03

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Tired of those dull and and uninteresting interiors? Here are some cool things to smarten up your home


Handcrafted by design of jewellery virtuoso Bernard Maquin, this a masterpiece comprising 9,900 black and white diamonds and more than a kilo of white gold. The wealth that you would require to sniff or touch, let alone purchase this gem of a chess set notwithstanding, the quality most discerning to own the Royal Diamond Chess Set, would be a severe degree of attentiveness. Because if you lose a single pawn, there is no plastic squire, no wooden knight, of any calibre that you can replace it with, without having the whole set look as vulgar as a Rocco Sifredi poster in a kindergarten.

Cost: Rs. 3.35 crore


Sure, there is a vintage appeal to gold, an agelessness that makes it so damn precious. But does it have as much vintage appeal as the bones of a dinosaur? Or for that matter, the bones of a dinosaur dipped in gold? Why these absurd questions? Well because, someone specifically the guys at Aquavista, creators of some of the finest most opulent aquariums in the world, have actually created just that. An aquarium frame made of 68 kilos of solid gold with veneers on the top left and bottom right corners made of wooly mammoth tusk that are inlaid with the bones of a real T-rex.

Cost: Rs. 32.16 crore approx


Before diving into hyperbole, the specs for the connoisseurs - Six, seven foot tall panels, forty, fifteen inch subwoofers, twenty four, eight inch woofers, monster arrays of two inch wide and one inch wide ribbon tweeters. And all that is merely a single channel/speaker. Double those numbers for stereo. Each speaker comes with its own power amplifi ers with an output of 31,000 watts and can generate more than 140 db SPL. That is as loud as a volcanic eruption that can be heard across continents and louder than a plane taking off. A pair of Ultimate speaker are nearly forty feet wide, making it fit, castle friendly and naturally elitist.

Cost: Rs. 13.4 crore approx


Dominican long leaf tobacco wrapped by the chocolate brown fi lm of a 5-year-old Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro with a Cameroon binder; the Gurkha Black Dragon is the alpha and omega of premium. It bears the elegance of royalty in its demeanor, and to hold it is like wielding a scepter in your grasp. The Dragon’s smoke is thick, with a medium and complex body, that slithers with the smoothness of satin flowing between a woman’s legs. It’s flavours are earthy that trail into a meadow of spices while the packaging of individually frosted glass tubes, boxed in rich leather would go perfectly with the mahogany table in your corner office.

Cost: Rs. 77 lakh approx


Designs from the universe are timeless and in this universal truth the design of the Linley Black Crystal ashtray is obsolete proof. With a 3D design that resembles the convex curvature of a black hole in outer space, the ashtray looks exquisite and is a deserving place for the Black Dragon and its ilk to repose, owing to lip space chiselled in for cigars. It is made of solid crystal and does not come in any other shade except black. Because, why should it?

Cost: Rs. 23,450 approx


If custom made jewel encrusted dog collars make you want to go fetch! and not roll over and play dead, well then La Collection de Bijoux has got just the bone for you. The collars take eight to twelve weeks to make and the 52 carat diamond collar, Amour Amour is the crowning glory of this collection. Three tiers of diamonds featuring a staggering 1,600 of them is more than enough bling to make 50 Cents look poor, without you having to go through the shame of having to dangle ‘ice’ around your neck.

Cost: Rs. 21.44 crore approx

(In arrangment with THE MAN)

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