Quick and Quirky lamps for this Karthika

by Tuesday , November 24 2015 15:50

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Thrikkarthika is a festival of lights. Also known as Karthika Deepam it is one of those festivals that has lots of legends associated with it. Some say, it marks Rama's return after defeating Ravan, some link it to the Gods vanquishing Narakasura. What ever the story be, it is a time to celebrate. To be with family and of course light up the lamps.

Here are two easy 'do it yourself' ways to make your lamp look different from all those traditional diyas:

Candles in a jar

Take a mason jar or a jam bottle - basically a bottle with a wide neck.

Keep a candle in the middle, pour sand to keep the candle intact. You can leave this on the floor or tie it up from a tree in the courtyard.

Bottle lamps

This is perhaps the best way to recycle your alcohol bottles.

You need three more things to give those bottles the perfect makeover. Coloured sticking tapes or paper strips, a string of coloured LED lamps and a stopper. Wash the bottle clean, make sure that the labels are taken off. Dry it. If you are creative, you can wrap the bottle around in colourful sticking tapes or paper strips. If no, all you have to do is stuff it with the LED lamps keep the wires in place with the stopper and leave it on.

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