Three ways to brighten up your house

by Thursday , November 12 2015 23:52

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Our moods and emotions reflect directly on the lighting in a room. A dark room leaves you feeling agitated and gloomy whereas a bright and sunny room makes you chirpier. And trust us, you do not have to spend extra on the electricity bills to do this. Here are some tips.


Use lighter shades for curtains. The darker shades will keep out the light. Transparent shades will help brighten up the house. Also, if you place a mirror strategically, it will help disperse more light within the house.


Using lighter shades on the walls and ceiling helps the light get reflected easier within the room. Using lighter shades on the ceiling also makes the room appear bigger and brighter .


Of late, a lot of people are shifting to French or full-length windows. These type of windows allow more light and air enter the room. But you also have to be careful about the position of the window when you design the house. Make sure that there is enough cross ventilation. And the window does not face the sun at all the time.

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