Bringing home memories of a beach vacation

by Monday , January 18 2016 18:01

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So, finally you have unpacked your bags and is settling down to routine life after a vacation by the beach. You find that you have collected a lot of sea shells and knick-knack from your outing. Here are some simple ways of making the memories last for longer time.

Paper weight

Did you know that perfect conch shell you picked up from the beach could be used as a paper weight? You can also keep it on your work table to cheer you on through a rough day at work.

Photo frames

Are you artistically inclined and love show off your skills? Here's your chance. You will need a photo frame, some glue, sand and some sea shells. Use an old paint brush and apply a generous coat of glue to the photo frame. Sprinkle sand onto the glue, pat dry and let it dry completely. Shake off any extra sand. Now, glue in the sea shells - you could have a design for it in your mind or they could be just random.

Pep things up

You could arrange the assorted sea shells and other knick-knack you picked up from your vacation on a mat and put it up in a corner of your living room. They add class to home decor.

Whispering chimes

Sea shells of different sizes and colours can be stringed together and hung near the door or the window. And as the wind blows, they will make a music which will bring back the happy memories from your vacation all over again.

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