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During his initial conversations with designer K Muhammed Muneer, Abdul Gafoor had just one demand. The house that he was planning to build at Edavanna at Nilambur, on the banks of the river Chaliyar set against the mountain ranges should blend in with the surroundings. And look at what the designer came up with.

An exterior that is close to nature

More than just complementing the natural surroundings, the exteriors have been designed to enhance the beauty. The architectural style adopted is a fusion of traditional and contemporary. The colour theme on the exterior is greenish-grey for an added effect. The stones used for cladding are of the eco-friendly kind. The landscaping was done by including the green spaces, palm trees and the coconut trees in front of the house.

Family living area

The theme is predominantly white and teak wood colour. LED lights adorn the false ceiling over which a veneer ply has been stuck. The highlight here is the white leather sofa set. In this room, stylish folding windows replaces the ordinary windows. These can be opened and from here you can enter onto a lovely patio and take in the beauty of the river.

The family did not want to dine and watch TV at the same time and hence these areas are separated using a TV unit wall. Except for the formal living room, all the other rooms have an Italian marble flooring.

Nilambur Teak for Formal Living Area

The off-white leather sofa and wooden flooring makes the formal living room different from the rest of the rooms. The flooring was done by using the wood of the prized Nilambur teak that was there on this plot. The same greenish-grey theme seen on the exterior features in the formal living space as well. A large corner window here lets in ample light into the room. The blinds used can be controlled with a remote according to the requirements.

LED lights for the kitchen

The fully-equipped modern style kitchen has a breakfast table that can seat six people. The counter-top is done using Korean stone. Laminated marine ply has been used for the doors of the kitchen cabinets. Strip LED on the false wall and single LED on the ceiling makes the kitchen bright and pleasant.

Dining Area

A large dining table that can seat 10 is the highlight here. Veneer pasted on the chair adds to the beauty of the table. The stairway starts at the dining area. The railings and the stairs have a wood cladding finish. You can enter the patio from the dining area.

Bedrooms with a view

There are a total of 5 bedrooms in the house – 2 on the ground floor and 3 on the top floor. Customized beds and balconies face the river. In the rooms where there is no balcony, there are large windows that open to the river.

The V – ceiling upper living room

The staircase from the ground floor leads to a living area. Leather sofa and beautiful vistas is the attraction here. A V-shaped ceiling is another addition to this area.

Kids’ Room

Wall paper and colourful furniture makes the kids’ room appealing. There is a balcony in this upper level room and floor-length windows. There is plenty of air flow and light in the kids’ room.

Classic Master Bedroom

The master bedroom on the ground floor is the biggest room among all. Teak wood panelling and wooden flooring gives the room a classic feel. There is a balcony here and a seating area too. Folding windows partitions the balcony and the bedroom. Such seating areas are there in each bedrooms with red leather sofas to enjoy the view of the river.

Bathrooms with Jacuzzi

All the bathrooms in the house have shower areas with Jacuzzi. Like in the other rooms the colour theme followed in the bathroom is black and white. There are separate dry and wet areas.

DesignerK. Muhammed Muneer, Nufayilmuneer Associates, Calicut


K. V. Abdul GafoorKalluvettiyil, Edavanna, Nilambur

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