Jewel Mary and her dreams

by Thursday , May 05 2016 17:22

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It is not so hard to gel into the role of a housewife. In fact it is really adventurous, remarks Jewel Mary.

Here is what she has to say about her dream home:

Ever since I was a school kid, I was keen on taking up new leadership positions and responsibilities. The kitchen is my favourite haunt at home and cooking experiments happen whenever I get the time to do so.

Gardening is another area of interest. I live in a flat and hence will have to do with a tiny balcony garden. At present, it consists of a Tulsi plant, curry leaf plant and a green chilli plant. I hope to expand the greenery even further in future.

My husband Jenson and I live at our flat in Tripunithura. It is a highly motivating space. I can see the river flowing from my balcony. I am friendly and in good terms with most of our neighbours. When I am with them, I am neither a celebrity nor an actress.

I an not keen on filling up every inch of the house with show pieces and curios. Instead, I get one souvenir when I am back from my trip to a particular country. This is meant only to keep the memories of the travel afresh.

I was quite lazy before my marriage. I have a pet cocker spaniel named Rio, he is my favourite companion. If there isn’t anything much to do, you will find us both huddled in front of the television.

My friend Tessy’s ancestral Tharavadu in Chalakudy is a place where I always long to be. This ancient house had specially designated rooms for the women, children or even for the pregnant ladies. I have stayed at the house for a while before the shooting of Pathemari. In short, it is a house with a soul!

To have the good fortune of building your own house is God’s blessing. To own a house that is surrounded by greenery, plantations and probably even a mini farm with goats, hens. A house that is in complete sync with nature. My dream home would be something like this!

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