Five trends that are back this summer

by Saturday , April 16 2016 17:28

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With the onset of summer in the capital, linen furnishings, pastel shades and all-natural products have emerged as the top home dcor trends this year.

Softer fabrics like linen are seen as the perfect antidote to the intolerable summer heat with basket weaved lamps making a comeback.

“People are thinking of curvy, geometric and minimal designs. From our browsing data, we see that the key to achieve a stylish and ravishing summer home for 2016 is balanced, bold linen-based furnishings in pastel or neutral shades with a flourish of the extravagant,” Ritu Malhotra, chief of operations at Renomania, said in a statement.

Here are a few trends for the summer season:

1. Linen has a natural temperature regulatory quality that helps evaporate moisture and keeps people cool. It also adds subtlety to home dcor, which is highly prized in hot summers. Linen stripes on furniture or vibrant florals on dry linen is the look of the summer.

2. Classic hues like white, off-white and earthen neutral shades have emerged as the top colour choices for this summer. These shades help tone the brightness and keep the house cooler. It also provides respite from the bright sun. One can go for organic colours for the walls and furniture or add decorative show-pieces in blues or mustard pastel shades.

3. Add a hint of glamour with a touch of gold, a dash of fur, animal prints, or even concepts like applique or Swarovski depending on your taste and preferences. Accessorise your home with matte to sheen gold collectibles.

4. There is a growing preference for patterns. Consumers are going for designs and patterns like ikat on the couch, or royal velvet laced with cooler picks on the cushions. Besides that, traditional fusion with big floral patterns and tribal throws go well for the season.

5. Tiny potted plants are a big yes! They’re easy to grow, suit any space and add a bust of colour and life to your home. Planters also have a positive effect on the mind and bring a note of freshness to the house.

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