Rangolis: Traditional, stick-on or detachable?

by Tuesday , November 10 2015 21:54

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New Delhi: Here is a list of rangolis you can try this Diwali to beautify your home:

1. Traditional rangoli: This type of rangoli can be tedious for some as it needs precision. The traditional rangoli encapsulates various designs like the peacock, Om, kalash, swastika, diya or a lotus, which are dusted with different and bright colours. The design can then be decorated with lighted lamps and diyas.

2. Alpana: This refers to colourful motifs, sacred art or painting done on a horizontal surface. The art has some religious significance. It is strictly white since the liquid paste used for alpana is rice powder mixed in water. This type of rangoli is seen in designs with the sun, swastika, rice stem, an owl, ladder, plough, the footprints of Goddess Lakshmi, fish, betel, lotus and some times just some abstract art to look beautiful.

3. Stencil Rangoli: This is for those who don't have much of an artistic bent of mind, and also helps in speeding up the process. It comes in many designs like Ganesh, floral prints or lamps. The stencils allow you to draw the the borders and then help you to fill the colours without spilling it into the other parts of the rangoli.

4. Stick-on Rangoli: This does not need a lot of work and is time-saving for those women who have a hard time balancing personal and professional life. As the name suggests, this type of rangoli is easily available in the markets and can be pasted on the floor. They are available in beautiful geometric and floral colourful prints.

5. Detachable floor rangolis: These come in a set of six or ten pieces. The rangoli is studded with glossy finish multi-colour stones. It has no glue and doesn't need to be fixed on the ground. This type just needs to be placed on the floor. The detachable floor rangolis are available in many designs studded with kundan and sequins.

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