A smart house in eight cents

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A demand of the owners when they wanted to build the home was that it should have a modern design, incorporating essential facilities. They were also particular that the walls of the home be painted in white. Thus was born the design that used a combination of white and brown colours.

Essentials Specs:

Sq.Ft.: 2,700Place: Court Junction, MavelikkaraHouse name: Puthepurakkal House


The house has been built on a square, 8.5-cent plot lying adjacent to the road. Even though the plot was at the same level as the road, a structural engineer was consulted to advise on the strength of the soil. Sand piling was carried out to strengthen the base before the house was constructed. 32 pillars were used to strengthen the base and when the basement was completed, the owners had already spent close to Rs 6 lakhs.


The sit-out of the house is located on the right hand side of the car porch and is not an expansive one; it serves the purpose.

Living Room:

Adjacent to the sit-out is the living room and one can enter the living room from the sit-out. What stands out is the colour combination that has been used to build the living room. While the floor is made of off-white vitrified tiles, the windows, doors and furniture all have been painted brown or are predominantly brown.

Family Living:

From the living room, one can enter the dining space and the family living space. Contemporary furniture styles have been used to adorn the space. The construction was also planned to ensure that costs were kept to the minimum. Walls were plastered with gypsum, the advantage being that plastering did not require the use of costly sand. Exterior walls were plastered using M-sand and manufactured sand. Wood of comparatively low cost was used for the woodwork.

The family living space and the kids area were elegantly adorned with pebbles and indoor plants. The kitchen and work area are located on the right hand side of the family living space.


The staircase is located in the middle of the foyer and the kitchen. Stainless steel has been used for the railings and the roof was made of glass bricks, which brings in a lot of light into the house.


The house has one bedroom at the base and two bedrooms on the top floor. The three bedrooms have attached bathrooms and the top rooms have been set such that they lie on either side of the balcony. They do not have windows in the front in order to prevent direct sunlight from entering the rooms.

The materials that were used in the house are:

Structure: BricksFlooring: Vitrified tiles. Doors and windows: Jack and similar wood.Kitchen cabinet: Marine plywoodCounter top: GraniteWardrobe: Engineered wood.

What the owners (Uday Kumar and family) have to say:

Many people say that using M-sand would later lead to cracks on walls. However, in our experience, wetting the plastered walls for at least 10 days after plastering will prevent cracks.

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