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Let’s step into the 1750 sq.ft., Puthenveetil home, that is set on 3.45 cents of land. A house where both modern and traditional architectural styles go hand in hand.

The owner of the house, Antony Chacko was of the opinion that houses should go with the current times and be modern in most aspects. At the same time, it should have certain traditional touches as well. There has to be elements that both the new and old generation can relate to.

This is exactly what designer Biju Antony incorporated into his plan for the Puthenveetil house. The total area of the plot is around 3.45 cents and he was able to complete the design within the available space, even though the plot wasn’t evenly shaped. The house is located near the Palluruthy Police station in Ernakulam.


Both modern and traditional elements feature in the exteriors of the house.

The colour scheme of the exterior is predominantly cream and beige.

The groove design in some sections makes the house attractive.

The car porch has been built adjacent to the sit-out.

There is a balcony and a terrace.

Living Area

The living room is towards the left of the main door.

The granite staircase leads to a living area upstairs.

The owners intend to add a storage area below the staircase in the days to come.

The railings are made of steel.

Dining and Kitchen

The dining area has been built facing the kitchen.

The wash area is near the dining table with a glass slab.

There are few overhead cabinets in the kitchen.

These are made out of marine ply frames and MDF shutters.


There are 3 bedrooms on the top and 1 bedroom on the ground floor.

The guest room is comparatively smaller and this can be used as a study or a library too.

Two bedrooms have attached bathrooms.

All the bedrooms have cupboards made of MDF.


The landing of the stairs is where the computer table has been placed.

A door at the landing leads to a balcony.

All the interior walls have been given an off-white paint coat.

Large white colour vitrified tiles measuring 2x2 sq. ft. are laid on the floor.

Designer speaks

Biju Antony

'Though the plot was small in terms of area, the space limitations were all worked out in the plan. We have included all the requirements and facilities that the family wanted. The cement blocks used for construction came up to Rs.26 per piece. The flooring was done with tiles priced at Rs.55 per sq.ft. We were able to source all the building materials on time and hence the work progressed smoothly. The family was very particular about both the facilities and the aesthetics of the house and wanted a pretty looking home. One portion of the exterior was given a slanting concrete touch and a pergola was added. The decor theme is offwhite in the interiors. The lighting has been taken care of by using LED Lights. GI square pipes have been used to make the gate. For a continuous look, the gate has been given a design similar to that of the house. Black granite was used for the stairs and the sit-out.'

Project Facts

Area: 1750 sq.ft.

Designer: Biju Antony, BCI Habitat


Owner: Antony Chacko and Rosy, Palluruthy

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