70-year-old home renovated in 100 days

by Saturday , December 26 2015 10:57

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'The house was about 70 years old and we thought it's high time that we renovated it,' says Avarachan, sitting in front of his newly renovated house at Venganoor in Thodupuzha. 'Now there is more space and it looks beautiful too!'. Avarachan tells us the story.

They came across Interior Designer Jordy's profile in the 2013 edition of 'Veedu' during their online search for a designer to give the home a makeover. The only condition Avarachan had for Jordy and his colleagues were that it had to be done fast.

The old house had a long verandah running all along the four sides. The toilet and bathrooms were located outside the house. The house had two different sized bedrooms – one large and one small, a long kitchen on one end of the house and a dining room.

Verandah Tales

A major portion of the house was the verandah. Jordy and team decided build around it such that the front verandah would become the living room. A separate sit -out was added. A small part of the verandah in front was taken to maximize the space of the bedroom here. The same was done to the other rooms at the back and on the sides.

The next step was to divide the larger bedroom in the house into two smaller rooms. One of these rooms got an attached bath space too. As per the earlier design, the small bedroom shared a common wall with the dining area. This wall was taken down and the room was made bigger. A common bathroom was placed in between this room and the adjoining new room. In this way, they were able to easily find space to incorporate 3 bedrooms.

The next area to be modified was the huge kitchen. They made a portion of this kitchen into a dining space and some extra space from the outer verandah was taken in to increase space in the kitchen.

Out with the lime paste

The old house was constructed using Laterite stone that was given a coating of lime paste. The lime was entirely scraped off and some of the interior walls were rebuilt using bricks. The roofing was maintained as such while completing the renovation works. Once this was done, a PVC ceiling was added as there were issues of dirt falling in from between the roof tiles.

The flooring was done using vitrified tiles. Texture paint that had the finish of laterite was given on the exterior walls. The same texture paint coat was given to few walls in the interior as well, and this experiment gave the rooms a brilliant feel. The corner walls of the bedrooms have some artistic impressions using spray paints. The area after renovation remained at 1100 sq. ft. just like before. Avarachen's only condition to the duo was to complete the works as quickly as possible. True to their word, on the 100th day the team handed over the key to the owners!

Project FactsArea: 1100 sq ftDesigner: Jordy, Jaison, jordyj8@gmail.comCost: 8 LakhsOwner: Avarachen, Panachikattu, Thodupuzha


The long kitchen was divided and some portion of it was converted into a dining area. The verandah at the back added to kitchen space.

Roofing kept intact during renovation works. PVC ceiling added later on.

The cost to renovate the 1100 sq. ft. house was about 8 Lakh rupees.

Space utilization was done by taking the verandah into the interiors.

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