Greener walls, roof for coolers homes this summer

by Tuesday , March 29 2016 13:06

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Modern technology seems to be getting helpless in beating the heat this summer. The temperature settings of air conditions have to be set really low to get some relief, but then the power bills burn a hole in your pocket. So more stress!

Deepa Bharatkumar, a Chennai-based architect and co-founder of Architecture By Design, sheds some light on the greener ways to keep your homes cool this summer:

1. More trees, the merrier: DO NOT even dare chopping off the trees. They protect the walls and ensure that the suns rays do not heat up the brick-walls and cemented surfaces. This is bound to keep your house cool. You could consider planting more trees as well.

2. Roof gardens or roof farming: No, we are not talking about rows of potted plants. Instead, you could convert your terrace into a vegetable garden or even a grow a lawn! This would require multiple layers of soil. Not to mention the regular use of water to dampen the space. The roof garden or farm will ensure that the heat does not hit the cemented surface.

3. The 'living' wall: Fear not, this wall does not have hands and feet. It could be used to grow a variety of ornamental plants and could be placed before the actual walls of the house, guaranteeing you of cooler summer days!

Some people grow creepers in a manner by which it covers the boundary-wall or even patches on the exteriors of the house. Not only would the rooms be cooler, but it would add a new flavour to the appearance of the house.

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