A 1400 sq. ft. home for Rs 12 Lakh

by Sunday , September 06 2015 12:51

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The major issue with a 20 year old concrete home in Kottayam was the leaks. Despite being located in a coveted residential area at Manganam, the house set on a 10 cent plot wasn’t getting any buyers, due to this reason. The designer assured the owner Bijo Joe Thomas, that he could renovate his old home without burning a hole in his pocket.

There were 3 bedrooms in the old house. All the other rooms including these had a moisture ridden ceiling that was in a dilapidated state. The plastering on the walls was in a rather sorry condition.

A new lease of life

Designer Bobby Mathew was confident about rectifying the defects without much hassle and within a comfortable budget. He promised to make the house as good as brand new. In 5 months’ time, the entire work was completed.

Truss to combat leakage

The main work done was to build a truss roofing over the existing house. This solved the leakage problem to some extent. The design of the truss roofing is in such a way that, the sheets were not very noticeable. The look of the whole house was modified with the addition of this roof. It now looks like a new house with a slanting roof.

Bijo and his wife Rexy wanted a spacious verandah for their new home. The designer built a new verandah and long steps in the front of the house. The beam pillars of the verandah is the same one as those of the truss roof. 24- Inch GI square tubes were used to make the pillars. Right in front of the pillars, a 6 feet high wall was built. The bricks that they got when the parapet was broken down was used for this purpose.

Texture paint on the pillars added to the beauty. The ceiling of the verandah was made using PVC panel, that cost around Rs 70 per sq. ft.

The windows on the wall right next to the verandah was replaced with large French windows that transformed the house completely. The main door in the old house used to open towards a sit-out on the west direction. The position of this door was shifted to the north side behind the verandah. The old door was given a new look with a glass and a louvre design. In the place of the old sit -out, a car porch was built.

Fresh look for interiors

A new coat of putty and paint was added to the ceilings and walls to get rid of the run down look. The old tiles and cement flooring gave way to new matte finish ceramic tiles. The interiors are as good as new now.

The wall partitioning the living and dining rooms was taken down and this gave them extra space for a new bedroom in one corner of the dining area. A common bathroom & wash area was another addition to the dining space. The portion that came below the truss roof was used for this purpose. Changing the position of the door that led to the kitchen from the dining room, gave them more space in the interiors. The large master bedroom got a new attached bathroom & dressing area.

The kitchen cabinets were given a new life with wood finish, aluminium frames & hylum sheet shutters. The space for a separate work area comes under the truss roofing.The total area of the house is about 1400 sq. ft. now. Around 200 sq. ft. is what was newly added. The total expense of the renovation, including the cost of the gate, compound wall & landscaping came up to Rs 12 Lakhs.

Project Facts

Area: 1600 sq. ft.

Place: Manganam, Kottayam

Designer: Bobby Mathew

Owner: Bijo Joe Thomas


Truss roofing was done to combat leakage issues. The total cost of the truss works came to Rs 3 Lakhs.

1400 sq. ft. was the total area. 200 sq. ft. was the new addition.

For more information:

Bobby Mathew, Designer, Thamara, Piravam(bobythamara@yahoo.com, Phone: 9895255813)

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