GP's big aspiration: be a one-day guest at Mammootty' house

by Wednesday , April 06 2016 09:35

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Actor-anchor Govind Padmasoorya talks about his nostalgic trips to home and his aspiration to be a one-day guest at Mammootty’s tech-savvy house.

Here is what he has to say:

My house in Pattambi is years old. My father was a tenth-standard student when grandfather built that house. When I was in tenth standard, my father renovated it.

I had so much freedom at home. That drew all the children in the neighbourhood to my house. It was always cricket and commotion in the courtyard. Father was always busy replacing shattered windowpanes and tube lights. We kept him busy. Our feet carried all the sand in the courtyard to the rooms. Rooms looked like a beach by the evening.

My room is upstairs. Most of my childhood friends are working abroad. So I do not have anyone to hang around when I go home. I stay at home, mostly in my room. I would be staring into my laptop until my mother calls me down to eat something.

I live to act, present shows and eat. My friends tell me they haven’t seen a greater foodie. When I am bored of hotel food, I head for Pattambi. Starting with steaming dosas for breakfast, I would eat non-stop through the day. After all, I have to keep my mother happy!

If I were to build a house, it would have two integral parts. One is a puja room and the other a gym. You have to work out to balance your appetite. Most people confine the puja room to a niche under the staircase. It should get a pride of place. Puja room is a place where energy flows.

If I could choose to live with a celebrity for a day, my choice is definitely Mammookka. I am floored by his descriptions of his house. He would say all about his house when we were shooting for ‘Varsham.’

He has a new home theatre, Netflix, Playstation and all new technology in his house. So Mammookka’s house is my first option.

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