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House no. 1 in Udaya Nagar, 1st Cross street could easily steal the show in terms of brilliant space utilization.

Young designer duo Tomstoy & Susheel ensured that the house which is located at a corner of the street had breathtaking exteriors. The modern style house was built by demolishing an old house that stood in its place.

The built-in seating added to the exterior walls double up as good meeting points for the family. As it is a low lying plot, pillars have been used for the construction. All the guidelines for houses built on less than 3 cents & Vaasthu principles have been followed.


The 1450 sq.ft. house has 3 storeys. Beams in glass is the style element on the gate, pergola and the railings.

Three glass windows, each measuring 10 feet can be seen in the central portion of the house and on the walls of the staircase.

There is scope for good views of the exterior and ample space in the balcony area so it does not look like a house built on a small plot.

A folding gate in the front allows car entry.

Living and dining area

The living and dining area comes on either ends of a large hall.

On the wall opposite to the main door, fixed windows were given.

There is a future plan for a bamboo courtyard beyond this area.

The Sofa and dining table set was specially customized by keeping in mind the space requirements.

All the rooms have vitrified tiles and for the staircase granite has been used.


A small U-shaped kitchen.

The kitchen has been made attractive with a smart play of colors.

Granite has been used on the kitchen slabs and for the shutters, laminated ply.

For ease of use, a small work area was built separately to accommodate stove.


The stairs that goes up all the way to the 3rd floor starts at the hall. The tall windows at the landing affords good views of the exterior and lets in enough light. The topmost floor has an office space and a library. You can get out onto the terrace from here.

The living room on the top floor

The first level that the stairs lead to, is the family space with a TV unit and a swing. Once the double doors to the balcony is open, you can get an L -structure open space that is ideal for family events. As the space was less, sliding windows have been given on this level. Ample light, fresh air, and privacy has not been compromised.


There is 1 bedroom on the ground floor and 2 on the top floor.

For the master bedroom on top, the windows are placed in an L shape to ensure maximum privacy. You can get out into the small balcony through here. Long sliding windows come near the position of the head board.Apart from an attached bathroom, there is a separate space for dressing area too.

Architects speak

As the space was minimal, proper utilization of the available space was given top priority. The design was done keeping this in mind. We found the space to incorporate every facility without compromising. The exterior was designed in such a way as to catch instant attention.

We had the complete cooperation of the family in every stage of designing and that helped us a lot. We were also able to complete the project within the set budget. The heat in the interior has been reduced due to good cross ventilation. The direction of the wind was taken into consideration while designing the house.

Project facts

Area: 1450 sq.ft.

Architects: A.A.Tomstoy & Susheel Chembala

CNA Architects, West Fort, Thrissur


Owner: Jijo P.J. & Dr. Indu, Poonkunam, Thrissur

Cost: 30 Lakh

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