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by Sunday , September 25 2016 12:33

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Here is an eye catching home. Any passerby would definitely be arrested by the charm of this home. The crescent shaped square beam and the cement texture finish that smoothly flows down as its extension are so delightful to watch. In a way, we can say that this part of the elevation immensely contribute to the beauty of the whole.

There is a captivating simplicity about this house, which lures anyone pays a visit. The design, to a great extent, breaks the conventional and clichd design concepts. Nevertheless, the design does not completely overlook the traditional views about the interior features. This enticing house is the creation of architect B. Sudheer, who designed it after taking into consideration the preferences of the residents of the house.

This house is situated at a stone’s throw away from Kumaranalloor Devi Temple in Kottayam district. The owner of the house Biju R Thampy, Development Officer at LIC and his family are so excited that the home has come out exactly as they dreamt it to be.

The main door of the house leads us to the formal living. On the left, we see the highlighted wall, (which is actually the inner portion of the crescent shaped beam we saw outside). The beauty of this area is enhanced by teak wood furniture notable for their simplicity.

The prayer room is set directly opposite to the main door. The room has a pair of wooden ‘jali’ doors, which gives it a reverential privacy. An open shelf, made of glass and wood, separates the drawing area.

The family area has been built adjacent to the prayer hall. The stair case that leads to the first floor starts from here. Stair case is made of GI square tube and wood. A pergola is set right over the stair case.

Dining area comes next to the family living. At its one side, we have the kitchen and a patio at the other. There are three bedrooms in the ground floor, each adjoined by an attached bathroom and dressing area. The first floor consists of a bath attached bedroom and a family living.

There is also an open terrace on the first floor, ideal for parties and other family functions. Vitrified tiles and granite are used for flooring. The putty finished walls, both inside and outside, are coated with light colors adding to the beauty.


Area: 3000 sq.ft.

Estimate: 60 lakhs

Owner: Biju R Thampy

Designer: B. Sudheer

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