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Kitchen Garden

09 Dec, 2014 02:10PM

Kitchen garden has become an essential part of every household irrespective of the space available. Maintaining a kitchen garden can help in growing essential vegetables for daily use. So go for fresh and...

Before you build an extra roof

09 Dec, 2014 02:09PM

An extra roof for your home without spoiling its charm is a difficult target to attain. An additional roof is the first thought that runs in to the mind of a home owner when the summer heat gets unbearable or...

Container Gardening

09 Dec, 2014 02:08PM

Container gardening can be a great idea to maintain a garden of your own, no matter how the climate is or the space available. You can grow anything in a pot and anywhere, be it an estate or an apartment. So...

Mosquito repellent plants at home!

09 Dec, 2014 02:07PM

Fresh herbs sprinkled over warm soup or just-picked mint in your tea can easily win your heart with their great flavour and aroma. The same herbs, if grown indoor or outdoors could act as excellent mosquito...

Living Room for your family!

09 Dec, 2014 02:06PM

Family living room is the most crucial space around which the whole house gravitates. It is the space that reflects the taste of the home owner. Living room for a family is the right place in your home to...

Easy Gardening!

09 Dec, 2014 02:06PM

Picture perfect garden is a longing of every garden lover. In today's world it is often quite difficult for a garden-lover to find quality time to maintain his/her garden as perfect as they desire to see it....

Splash some colours, its Monsoon time!

09 Dec, 2014 02:05PM

Experience the enthralling monsoons, the winds and the raindrops and everything that makes the season enchanting. It brings with it splash of vibrant colours that can awe any eyes that witness the charm of...

Monsoon Gardening

09 Dec, 2014 02:04PM

The land of monsoon, Kerala, has rains during good part of a year. And if you are a person who loves gardening, monsoon is the best time to do all your digging and planting. Its during monsoon that lawns get...

Get your home ready, monsoon is here again!

09 Dec, 2014 02:04PM

Monsoon, the season to enjoy pouring rains, sitting near the window and sipping a cup of hot tea. But have you got your home ready to face the harsh season? Here are some quick tips to maintain a healthy home...

Kitchen Decor Ideas

09 Dec, 2014 02:03PM

Kitchen is the hub of a home and everyone uses them differently and has a style of their own. Like the rest of your home, your kitchen needs style and color. Stylish modular kitchens, architectural elements...

Wall Decor Ideas

09 Dec, 2014 02:02PM

Rooms with nothing more than furniture and some empty walls can become boring with time. Use some tips and tricks to transform your walls and add style to any room in your home. Wall decor ideas range from...

For a fresh and nice smelling home

09 Dec, 2014 02:01PM

A nice-smelling house helps you to begin each day with a fresh mind and pleasant mood. Good fragrance has a calming affect on our mind and it helps us relax after a long, tiring and busy day. Bad odor in the...

Lighting Trends

09 Dec, 2014 01:59PM

A light for every need marks the latest trend in lighting a home. With changing trends, lighting has evolved from 'filling the room' to a more personalised and customised concept based on need and situations....

Bathroom Solutions:Latest Trendz

09 Dec, 2014 01:58PM

Bathrooms have evolved from being just functional spaces to spaces focusing on hygiene and well-being. It is often used as a getaway from the world, a place to relax and pamper yourself. Bathrooms now are...

Roofing Options

09 Dec, 2014 01:58PM

A roof of a house is one of the most distinguishing feature that can give a home it's desired appearance. It's your roof that gives you insulation from the blazing heat of the sun and acts as temperature...

Renovating your home

09 Dec, 2014 01:57PM

Home is where your heart desires to reach at the end of every day, its your own personal space where your soul finds solace. Emotional attachment with your home can quite often be immense with memories of your...

Things to remember while you buy a flat

09 Dec, 2014 01:56PM

Once you realise that you should stop throwing away money on your home rent month after month, you start looking for your own home. Buying your dream home is one of the most important decisions in your life...


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