This modern Nalukettu in Kunnamkulam radiates a vintage charm | Check it out

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Dili and Swapna have been working in Abu Dhabi for the past ten years. When they decided to build a home back in Kerala, their homeland, the couple instantly agreed on one point: the new home should stand out from the rest.

They were aware that colonial - contemporary designs were the general trend here. After much discussion, they decided to go the antique way. Thus, emerged a stunning home designed in the legendary ‘nalukettu’ style at a place called Iyal, near Chiramanangad in Kunnamkulam. A blend of traditional design and state-of-the-art facilities, this home can be defined as a perfect 'modern' nalukettu.

When viewed from the front, what one sees first are the padippura and poomukham that were trademarks of olden day tharavads (ancestral homes). As you enter the house, you will see four bedrooms with attached bathrooms and two halls - one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor. There is also a closed courtyard covered with a pergola.

The central courtyard facilitates abundant flow of light into the house. Granite and tiles are used for flooring. The kitchen is built three feet below the level of the main area. The service area, included between the kitchen and the dining area, provides ample privacy to the kitchen. The staircase is built in such a way that we can ascend to the first floor from both sides of the room. A prayer room is also built near the stairs.

The house, endowed with a majestic charm of the vintage days brilliantly blended with all the facilities fitting to the modern day, is a feast to the eyes of the beholders and a delightful experience for the owners who live in.

Project Facts

Area: 4100 sq.ft

Place: Chittalangade, Thrissur

Onwer: Dili, Swapna

Architect : Dineshan Kadagode

Design : Even Constructions

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