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'Chalisserry home', situated in Pampady, Kottayam district, was built 48 years ago. Joseph Markose, a widower, is the owner of the house. He has been living there alone as all his children had settled down in different places. Age had overcome him, and he often found it difficult to move around the house. His life was almost confined to the bedroom and the kitchen. The rest of the house lay dusty and cobwebbed and was not maintained in an apt manner. Every time his children visited home for a couple of days, they had hardly any time left after cleaning the house. After a lot of discussion, the children decided to revamp the house in a way that would suit their father’s lifestyle.

The plot had a slight inclination towards the road. A few augmentations were also done a few years back, when a sit-out and a hall were added to the home. Now, these were pulled down. Likewise, the store room at the rear of the house, work area and the chimney were also dismantled. Although the two bedrooms in the house were retained, the positions of their doors were changed. Bathrooms and dressing spaces were added to both. A new sit-out was also annexed. The old dining room was converted into a kitchen. The old home had a wooden ceiling. All ceilings were pulled down except the one that was constructed over the kitchen.

The house was constructed at a level lower than the road. It appeared as if the house was situated in a pothole. Installing a taller roof was the way out. The old tiled roof was demolished and a trussed roof was installed in its place. The truss roof, which had a 45 degree inclination, remarkably augmented the height of the house. Mangalore tiles, which cost Rs. 86 per tile, were used for the new roofing. In the old house, the living room and the common bathroom had concrete roofs. In the renovated house, the concrete roof over the living room was pulled down. The old common bathroom and store room were converted into a work area. A new water tank has been placed on the roof top.

Two large facades are were also built along with the roof. These front-facing facades also face the road. These elegant facades embellished with texture work on cement board are the highlights of the exterior.


Since the windows of the old house were smaller, there was an sufficient light entering the house. The height of the windows was increased by cutting the lintels. The wood collected from the dismantling of the old house was used to make the new windows. The main door was redesigned adding a sheet of glass to it. Ceramic tiles with mat finish were used for the floors. Aluminum cabinets were set in the kitchen to reduce maintenance. Ready-made doors, which cost Rs. 2800 per door, were installed at the bedrooms. The furniture was selected based on the dimensions of the rooms. All walls in the house were newly plastered.

The surroundings of the house were enhanced too. A charming new courtyard was set up. The new porch was built in front of the sit-out. The courtyard and the walkway were beautified by arraying pavement tiles. The area where the old sit out was built was given a refreshing new look by planting buffalo grass.

Interior mantra

The interior of the house demands little maintenance. The living space was made smaller with only essential furniture. The flooring was done with ceramic tiles with a mat finish.


The old porch was pulled down and the new porch was built on the side opposite the entrance of the house.

Dining space

The old kitchen was converted into the dining space. White is the prominent color in the interiors. Gypsum was used to create a false ceiling. The doors of the bedroom were reset as an opening to the dining area.

Salient changes

Hall, sit out and porch, which were parts of earlier renovation were dismantled.

A new truss roof was installed to give the house a taller look.

Flooring and plastering were done anew, completely removing the old.

A new sit out was added.

Old kitchen was converted into dining room

Architect: Bobby Mathew

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