A three storey house on 3 cents of land

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The house ‘Kavish’ is situated in Jawahar Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram city. Since the house was built on a plot of 3 cents, it was eligible for all the necessary provisions or allowances, according to the building laws of the State. The house has 3 storeys and hence, there are no space constraints in the interiors. The thickness of the walls is an important part to note here.

The outer walls of the house were built using bricks with a thickness of 6 inches. The thickness was experimented with, in various sections as per the construction requirements. Due to this, concrete blocks were also used apart from bricks for construction purposes. The plan of the house was drawn to include many corners and folds keeping in mind the peculiar shape of the plot. These were camouflaged to some extent by painting the ceilings with different colors.

The stairs were built as close to the wall as possible and by effectively utilizing the available space. The Pergola added to the top of the stairs ensures the optimum distribution of light to all the rooms.

On the first floor, there is a living-cum-dining space, a kitchen and one bedroom. Near the living-cum-dining area at the begining of the staircase, there is a small pebble courtyard. This is in the shape of the house plot. A ladies-finger palm planted here adds a certain charm to the interiors.

The staircase leads to a puja room. The modern style of the door is the main attraction of these stairs. The contemporary door made of plywood and with a coat of texture paint makes the room more colorful. Though the door appears to be a single door, it is actually a double door that can be folded. A big room in the house was divided into separate living and dining areas.

The kitchen is adjacent to the dining space. The highlight of the kitchen is the colorful cupboards made of plywood. The kitchen was designed in a U-shaped model to go with the structure of the plot. The windows of the kitchen, living and dining rooms were designed to open outwards and are converted into a balcony. This made the rooms look more spacious. This also lets in ample light into the rooms.

The space above the living-cum-dining on the second floor has been designated as the reading area. There are two bedroom on this floor. There is a skylight opening and a small courtyard in one of the bathrooms adjacent to a bedroom. This helps to control the moisture level in the bathroom and keeps it dry.

Off-white vitrified tiles were used for the flooring. Most of the wood works were done using Pincoda wood. All cupboards have veneer and laminate coating.

As the space surrounding the house was too limited for adding a dash of green; the family was particular about having a terrace garden. A few provisions were made for this when the cementing works were done on the terrace. Now, they have a lovely little terrace garden, a vegetable garden and even a utility area on the terrace.

Project Facts

Area: 2000 sq.ft.

Place: Jawahar Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram

Owner: Ramaswamy

Architect: 5D Architecture

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