Thrissur's very own 'White House'

by Wednesday , May 11 2016 12:15

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‘The White House,’ that’s what 'Casa Bianca’ means. Situated in Kuriachira, Thrissur district, this house has a unique, pristine feel to it.

A white house with simple interiors and an English touch to the exterior design. We bought a 12 cent plot near Kuriachira, at Thrissur for this purpose but the search for the right designer continued.

We kept our minds and eyes open for a house that had pictured in our dreams -even during our journeys to different places as well as the magazines that we skimmed through. That’s when we found a feature on an English-style house designed by Thrissur based architect Tony Paul.

Tony took every bit of effort to ensure that our dream was realized. He took into consideration all our likes and suggestions, roamed around till he procured the right building materials.

The basic structure of the house was constructed by local workers. But the finishing work required labourers skilled in the modern styles of construction. The total area of the house is approximately 3200 sq.ft.

We had the whole family including our parents helping out to get the necessary construction materials. Volga‘s sister had completed the construction of her house and the experiences from that guided us a lot.

The white charm

There were no second thoughts about the decision regarding a 'White' house. As far as the exteriors are concerned, only the shingles and the main door have been painted Grey. The doors and windows, in the interiors, have been given a coat of white automotive paint.

Different shades of white were painted in various of parts of the house. For a brighter effect, the interior walls follow an apple white shade. The floor tiles are of an off-white shade.

The tiles used are of one square meter. Hence, there aren’t many joints visible.Even the cupboards were painted white with automotive finish paint.

We wanted every element in the rooms to reflect the majesticsimplicity of the colour white. Thus, even the soft furnishing follows the same theme.

The embroidered sheer curtains and the thick cotton curtains were all specially brought in from Riyadh. The bed sheets, drapes, cushion covers etc. are all either white or those with patterns in white back ground.

We didn’t have look around much for the white furniture We bought the furniture from Ernakulam.

In rooms where white is the predominant theme, a dash or colour has been added to liven up with place. Small curios or flowers that add splashes of colours are the highlights in every room.

The kitchen has a white and red theme. All the walls of the kitchen and the work area have white tiles, up to a height of 8 feet. So, maintaining this is easy. The counter tops in the kitchen are made of Korean stone, where as in the work-area, granite has been used for the counter top.

There are 3 bedrooms in the house – two on the ground floor and the bigger master bedroom on the top floor. The attached bathroom of the master bedroom is larger in size when compared to the rest. One room on this floor is known as the home theatre. Different from the other white themed rooms, the colour code here is off white teamed up with a jute sofa, curtains and wooden flooring.

The home theatre room has been decided in such a way that it could be into another bedroom if the the need arises in the future. Adjacent to the living room, on the ground floor, there is a hearty patio.

The car shed has been built in a unique style. More than one car could be parked in the porch with an arc shaped roof. The shingles work on the roof and getting the right kind of shingles for this took almost eight months. The total construction time was hence extended to 3 years.

Living in this house gives us a refreshed & relaxed feeling and we never seem to get enough of it.

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