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by Friday , October 14 2016 15:49

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This unique house in Eroor, Ernakulam district is a perfect example of architectural excellence. The contemporary style exterior and the interiors of this house are truly eye-catching. Coming to the exteriors, dark colors are completely avoided. But, that is not the case with the interiors, where a different strategy has been implemented. No paint has been applied anywhere in the interiors; but they are amazingly colorful!

90 percent of the articles used for interior embellishment are customized. You can perceive the creative intervention of the architect in the furniture, lights, lamp shades and flooring. The lights hanging over the dining space was made of steel balls that are used on the tip of the handrails. These steel balls were coated with red powder, and tiny LED lights were inserted into these balls. Finally, the red balls which were transformed into lights, were hung on cables.

The lampshades in the formal living space are also the architect’s innovation. Sofas and chairs were also custom designed according to the preferences of the house owners. Of the furniture, only the ready-made chairs at the dining area were purchased from a shop.

The colors of the interiors were assigned to blend in with the lighting. Light colors and smooth surfaces were given wherever more light was needed. Darker colors were applied wherever less reflection of light was enough. The same principle was followed for the walls, flooring and roofing. Dark colors were used for the floors of the bedrooms.

Wooden steps ensure that the staircase stands out. The handrails are made of glass and teak wood. The staircase was topped with a sky lit. The light that oozes down through the sky lit creates a shadow on the stairs. The space under the staircase is converted into a storage area, where a few antique utensils are exhibited. The book shelf is arranged on the wall adjacent to the staircase.

The scarlet triangular shaped book shelf does not have a handle. A prayer space is set opposite the stair case. There is also a study area adjacent to that.

The dining area and kitchen are built back-to-back. The dining area consists of a custom made table with eight seats. The wash area and the utility area are hidden from the visitor's view. From here, you can step out and enjoy a stroll in the lawn through a sliding door. A working kitchen is also built behind the open kitchen.

On the first floor, there is a living area and a study space. On the whole, there are four bath attached bedrooms. Each bathroom consists of a wardrobe. A huge mirror is fixed near the shower cubicle, which has a reflective surface. A leather board is fixed on the headboard of cots. Near the windows, in every bedroom, a wooden bench is installed.

A blend of wooden and granite flooring has been used in the interiors. Large windows facilitate ample inflow of light. Curtains are replaced with blinds. The walls, coated with light colored paint, are devoid of decorations.

Marine plywood laminate is used for the wardrobes and the cabinets in the kitchen. The cots are also made of marine ply. Staircases are made of teak wood. A false ceiling is installed in every room. Wood and gypsum were used for this purpose. As the house faces the west, louvers are installed on the exterior to reduce the intensity of the sunlight.

All credits go to the architect, Jayadev, for creating such a flamboyant home without applying any sort of paint in the interiors of the house. Nisha and Sajeevan, the owners of this house, are so delighted that their dream home has come out with flying colors.

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