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Bathrooms are spaces which need special care. These are areas where we often come in close contact with bacteria. A bathroom consists of three constituents: the bathing area, the toilet and the wash basin. Bathrooms are more commonly found attached to bedrooms.

Remember the following when you build a bathroom:

If your house is a multi-storied one, a full-fledged bathroom is inevitable on the floor where the residents spend most of their time. If there are elderly people at your home, allot enough space around the bathroom for moving the wheelchair. In case, there are more than one bath-attached-bedrooms in your home, ensure that each bathroom is designed to serve the purpose of people staying in their respective bedrooms. Make sure that the height of the closet is convenient for use. The handle of the hand shower and the flush must be fixed at an accessible distance. The flooring should be done with slip-resistant tiles.

In most cases, the bathroom will have a water heater, a bath tub, taps, a mirror, a wash basin, a closet or a commode. It will also have an exhaustive fan to expel the air from inside.

In some bathrooms, a washable curtain separates the dry zones comprising the closet and wash basin from the wet zone consisting of a shower and bath tub. It is ideal to build the wet zone one foot below the level of the floor.

Bathroom cleaning

We are often under the impression that bathrooms that are frequently used for bathing, and those that are regularly cleaned by flushing are clean. But, we tend to forget the fact that bacteria grow and spread in the nook and corners of the apparently clean bathrooms. Hence, they must be properly cleaned once or twice in a week. Cleaner soaps that could be hung on the rim of the closet, which helps cleansing each time the water is flushed, are available in any super market.

Separate brushes for closet and wash-basin

You need to use separate brushes for cleaning the closet and wash basin. It is always ideal to start cleaning from the less dirty areas and conclude with the dirtiest spots. Nowadays, disinfectant cleaning liquids are available for closet cleaning. Before you start cleaning, ensure that you have a toilet brush, utility glasses, cleaning sponge and disinfectant spray.

Wear utility glasses before your start cleaning the bathrooms. After flushing, spray the cleaning liquid on the edge of the closet, and let it ooze down. Make sure that the liquid reaches the portion beneath the closet rim. Clean the closet, thoroughly, using a scrub. Flush again. Now, spray the disinfectant liquid on other parts of the closet. Clean the lid of the closet, seat and the exterior of the flush tank using a sponge. If needed, use a spray which contains bleach. This will help remove blemishes.

Wash the wash-basin too

Before cleaning, fill the wash basin with hot water. After some time, let the water flow away. Now spray cleaning liquid or sprinkle cleaning powder into the basin. Clean the entire basin thoroughly with a scrub. To get rid of the odor, sprinkle some baking soda and wash it after some time.

While cleaning the floor, the wall and the bathtub, make sure to remove the dirt and stain accumulated among the tiles.

Choosing the ideal cleaner

The ideal cleaner is the one that contains bleach which helps to remove stains and fungi from the bathroom floor. Dilute the cleaner with luke warm water. Phenolic cleaners are good alternatives to disinfectant cleaners. Vinegar (which is less harmful to the hands and body), liquid soap, soda ash, borax and aromatic oils like lemon grass can also be used for cleaning. Spray the cleaning liquid on the floor, scrub thoroughly and wash it off with water.

The sewer, which carries the waste water, must also be cleaned well. If your sewer is blocked (either with hair, dirt or oil), pour a mixture of soda ash and vinegar into the sewer and retain it for sometime before washing it off. Use a multipurpose spray to cleanse the wall tiles.

During monthly cleaning sessions, make sure that you remove all the empty bottles and other scrap from the cabinet. Make arrangement to bring in more air passage and light to prevent fungal growth in humid areas inside the bathroom. Open the window and switch on the exhaust fan while bathing.

Care for the aged

It is better to place the cot of elderly persons close to the bathroom. Fix the switch board or keep the remote close to the cot so that they can operate them while lying on the bed. Grab bars should be fixed on the wall at an ideal height so that they can hold on to them while getting up. The first thing they need after entering the bathroom will be the closet. So, keep the closet dry and free of oil. Fix handrails that they can hold on to while sitting on the closet and to move towards the area for bathing. The handrails must be made of steel or other metals strong enough to bear a weight of around 150 kilograms. They can be fixed vertically or horizontally. A bathroom carpet could be placed outside the door to avoid any incidents of slipping.

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