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Chartered Accountant Ramaswamy and wife Divya wanted the interiors of their new flat to evoke nostalgic feelings. As far as the style and facilities are concerned, everything appears to have a modern touch. The couple had given specific instructions to the designer about using wood for the interiors.

The Designer of the house V M Thasleeq ensured that the family’s love for wood is evident in the interior design. The color scheme followed is a mixture of predominantly white, wood and shades of brown. Ample importance has been given to the aesthetics and usability of the everything that has been designed, including the furniture.

Living Area

The living space of the house also includes a balcony area. The floor here has been raised by 10 cm.The floors have wooden panels. The wall has an attractive design element made with plywood pieces. The TV unit is added to the wall opposite to this and behind the TV unit there is a piece of furniture made out of laminated Ply. The family living space has another TV set. A jute sofa of beige color is a highlight in this space.

Puja Area

As the owners are Brahmins, they wanted a separate space for Puja purposes. The Puja area comes in between the living space and the foyer. The puja articles can be stored both both on top and at the bottom. Specially design cladding tiles make the wall attractive. The partition near the foyer has an MDF panel on which lovely CNC work has been done.

Dining Area

The dining space has been constructed between the kitchen and the family room. The upholstery of the chairs in the dining room are similar to the beige jute fabric of the sofa. The false ceiling above the dining table has a piece of laminated ply stuck on it. The flooring has been done with white colored vitrified tiles. White laminated Ply has been pasted below the pantry too and lights given inside this gives it a classic touch.

Foyer space

The design of the foyer and the entry into the house is quite dramatic. On one side of the foyer is an MDF panel made attractive with CNC work. The embossed leaf patterns, done with laminated ply, on the opposite wall does look classy. The special lighting for the patterns adds to the beauty of the work.

Open Kitchen

The color scheme of the open style kitchen is white and brown, like the rest of the house. The white cabinet shutters have a glossy acrylic finish. All these shutters are made of laminated ply but seems to appear like wood. The counter is made of nano crystal slabs which is a pristine white shade. The back splash of this are made of white 3D-effect tiles. The flooring has been done with white vitrified tiles.

Stylish Bedrooms

There are a total of 3 bedrooms in the house. The master bedroom and the guest bedroom have follow the white & brown color schemes. Only the kids' room has a few colorful elements. The headboard of bed in the guest room is made of MDF boards and has been designed in the shape of a honeycomb design. On both sides of bed, there are MDF boards with CNC cutting work. The mirror in the dressing room is a part of this as well. All beds have special storage spaces.

A few interesting highlights

1) The coconut scraper placed in a plywood box attached to the wall of the kitchen. In doing so, one doesn’t have to keep fixing it on to the counter top every time one needs to use it.

2)The sink was placed a few centimeters higher than the counter. This was a mistake on the committed by the workers. Due to this, the family has a tough time keeping the counter top dry.

Project Facts

Area: 2100 sq.ft.

Designer: V M Thasleeq, RAK Interiors, Vytilla , Kochi

Owner: K. Ramaswamy & Divya, RDS Aura, Kadavanthara, Kochi

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