5 women, 5 ideas for one space they would call their own

by Tuesday , March 08 2016 15:29

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Attention all women! Ever imagined a space meant only for yourself? Would you like a room or a special zone where you could be alone, relax and unwind? The idea does seem tempting, indeed.

We asked a few women about their ideas of an 'only-lady-of-the-house space.' Here is what they have to say:

“I would really want a clean and cozy bed. Dim lighting. My latest book. A cold mug of orange juice. This is what I would want/need” - Manasa Ramakrishnan, Co-founder, Curricooler

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“At the end of a long day I just love to come home to a cozy little room with a comfortable bed or couch, soft pillows, a wall of books, dim lighting - just enough to read my book, soothing classical music, and either a steaming mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream or a glass of wine. My perfect space”Chinmayi Krishnan, Lawyer

“I am someone who is 'artistically messy ', no one in my family seems to appreciate that. So..when I get back from work, I would like to sit on the floor rug or a bean bag , switch on the TV ( and the AC). To decorate my room, I would pin up photographs on fairy lights!” - Chaitanya Menon, Asst Director, Virtual Eye films

“A room with a beautiful kitchen top, a nice heavy knife, colourful vegetables and ceramic dishes for me to use to make something for myself. I get to curl up on a lazy boy with nice salad and bread and watch something funny on a bigass television. The room is mildly lit. With fairy lights or lamps. The room is definitely very colourful”Sumukhi Suresh, Stand-up Comedian/Theatre artiste

“My room would have a nice tan leather tufted chaise, carpeted, with a huge television, a full wall library, which houses my favourite books, DVDs and a wall full of collectibles that show my travel adventures. I would like to curl up with hot chocolate on the leather chaise with Edison lamps on and watch my favourite TV show/movie. This room would ideally be on the terrace with glass walls and sheer curtains.” - Rishika Sutwala, Interior Designer

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