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Getting your car out, and that too, in reverse gear from the car porch to the road can be taxing, especially if the road leading to your home is a narrow one. This could get even more challenging if the outer road is a steep one. E.K. Mohanan, a Deputy Engineer with Keltron, came up with an innovative solution to tackle this.

Mohanan’s home at Arruvikara Sree Sailam Gardens is set on a 4.5 cent plot. The problems that he faced while taking out his car led him to install a rotating platform in the car porch.

A simple feat

A simple enough design that is no rocket science and without the use of any machinery, the rotating platform can be operated by even a child. If there is an area for a 10 feet wide circle in your car porch or in the front yard, this can be easily installed. And the best part: it doesn't run on electricity. You just need to push the car a little, once it is on the platform. Along with the platform, the car will rotate too.

The platform is set on a ball bearing that is similar to the axle of a bus. Mohananan purchased a second-hand axle from a work shop for this purpose and it cost him Rs 200. A small hole was dug and an iron pipe was fixed in it. A layer of concrete around this made it solid. After this, the ball bearing was placed into the iron pipe. With a slight push, the ball bearing will turn the platform.

The part with the wheels was fixed in place by welding a 10-feet-long and 1.5-feet-wide GM angle pipe. On all the four corners of this, caster wheels like those seen under trolley bags were fixed. The cost of a single caster wheel is around 500 rupees.

Apart from the small pipe in the centre, all the remaining parts can be removed when not required. The total cost of the rotating platform came up to just 10,000 rupees.

How to make it

  1. A small hole was dug in the centre of the car porch and the ball bearing of a bus was fixed in.
  2. An iron pipe that can be removed holds the ball bearing in place without slipping away.
  3. GM angle pipes of 2 inch each comes in the centre of the platform. The platform is welded on to both sides of this.
  4. GM angle pipes that were 10 feet long has been welded on two sides of the platform.
  5. An iron frame allows the car to get on the platform conveniently.

A closer look

  1. Especially useful for cars of houses in narrow lanes.
  2. Can be built with GM Pipes.
  3. Can be completely dismantled when not required.
  4. Total expenses is 10,000 rupees.
  5. Old iron gates can be reused for this.

For inquiries, contact: Mr. E .K. Mohanan - 9446103668

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