A 14 Lakh home on 3 cents

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For Ajeesh & Regina, a 3 cent plot was what they had to build their dream home someday. With a budget of only 15 Lakhs, they were anxious about how it was going to be ever possible. That’s when they came across the 2013 October edition of the magazine Vanitha 'Veedu'. An article about a pretty home that was built for 9 Lakhs caught their eye.

They got in touch with the designer of that home – Sabeer Thirumala. 1 year and 3 months later, Ajeesh got his new 1050 sq. ft. home and that too within a budget of Rs 14 Lakhs!

This small house at Vattapara in Trivandrum district is almost like a roadmap on how you can go about to build a house without exorbitant costs. Sabeer‘s design and plan was in such a way that the drawbacks of the plot could be overlooked. Solid blocks of 8 inch thickness, each costing Rs.35 was used to build the house. The foundation of granite was laid up with concrete and a belt added. The number of beams were reduced.

The construction works was undertaken by the Sindooram Charitable Trust under the guidance of Sabeer. The trust has built low cost homes for many families and this house named 'Issal' is their latest venture.


The total area of the entire plot is 3 cents. The plot by itself was a sturdy one and hence not much expenses were incurred in making the foundation.


Just because the budget was limited, no compromises were made with regard to the aesthetics or the beauty of the exterior. The check pattern given on one of the exterior wall attracts everyone’s attention. For this, a layer of wall cladding tiles was stuck to the wall. Over this cladding, another layer of grey cement was applied.

Once this was levelled with putty, brown coloured squares were drawn. Without much costs, the exterior scores brownie points, says Sabeer.

Living Room:

The main door opens into a living room. Vitrified tiles have been used in the interiors. The market rate of these tiles is Rs 60 per sq. ft. but from the Trust, it was given at the rate of Rs.49 per sq. ft. All the furniture in the living room are recycled old pieces and the modifications cost around just Rs 7000. The stairs begin at the living room and below this a small water fountain has been given. The readymade model of this fountain costs about Rs 22,000 rupees outside, but when Sabeer built it himself, this was done with a mere Rs 1500!

Dining Hall:

The crockery shelf that partitions the dining area and the kitchen is the star here. The triangular shaped shelf built of MDF was even featured on the cover page of the Vanitha Veedu magazine.


There are 3 bedrooms in the house. One room is on the ground floor and two are on the top floor. Though all the rooms are small in size, the large windows in each, gives it an airy feel with a lot of light.


The L-shaped kitchen appears small & compact. The cupboards have a chocolate brown and white colour theme. The wall tiles above the countertops follow the same theme. Though small, there is enough space here for the fridge and the overhead cabinets.

Top floor:

The decor of the top floor have used some budget-friendly and innovative elements. Recycled raw materials like cycle chain, wheel cup, tyre, metal chairs etc. form the wall art of this room. The teapoy is another interesting thing here. An ordinary teapoy turned into an automated one fashioned like an auto rickshaw. A framed artwork made of scraps of old clothes is another unique work.

Project Facts

Sq. ft.: 1050

Place: Vattapara, Trivandrum

Owner: Ajeesh & Regina, Issal

Cost: 14 Lakhs

Architect: Sabeer Thirumala (Sindooram Charitable Trust, Thirumala, Trivandrum)

Contact: sabeer_nh@yahoo.co.in, 9847511303

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