The 3000 sq ft home covering only 5 cents!

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Space should never be a constraint to building excellent or large homes. Here is a home that alters all our concepts about houses that can be built on 5 cents of land. 'Bethlehem' the home of Roy & Smitha of Vettucadu, Trivandrum proves many a point. The message that the designer Judson wanted to give through this home, was that it is possible to build the house of your dreams, even if the area is seemingly less.

Like a Hotel Lobby!

The owner of the house Roy who is employed in Dubai approached Judson with the idea of a new home adjacent to his ancestral home. With operations spread out in Kochi & Dubai, communication and sharing of ideas with Roy was not an issue for Judson. All the rooms in the 3000 sq ft home are spacious and there is absolutely nothing to give away that the house is on just 5 cents. A limitation of space is never a hindrance to designing a home, says Judson. All the building principles have also been adhered to.

'The area where the family congregates or spends maximum time has been given bigger proportions when compared to the rest of the rooms. The bedrooms are basic as these are used only for sleeping whereas the living room and family room are designed almost as huge and functional as a hotel lobby.' Judson adds.

A high-ceiling living room

The low wall of the sit out has been converted into a seating area using Korean stone, a storage space is also provided below this. Curios fill the small niches on the wall. The ceiling of the living room is built very high. The home owners were very particular about having a stair room and steps to climb up to the roof from the second floor. Instead of having the stair room jutting out separately, the elevation is planned at a good height.

In order to balance this height, the partition of the dining area has been given a vertical pergola in the same height. The plywood pergola comes with a veneer finish with glass in between. The staircase is adjacent to this.

The view of the top floor and the staircase while sitting in the living room reminds us of being inside a hotel lobby, the designer says. You can even see the living room from the top floor. The curved design here adds to the beauty and this was made possible only because of a high elevation. There are pebbles right below the stairs.

There is a prayer area at the entrance of the dining space. The owners wanted to enter and go out of the house with a prayer in mind and so this arrangement. The spacious dining room has an 8-seater dining table set, with an adjustable glass top that can be used as a 6-seater too. One section of the dining room is the family living room.

The common bathroom is adjacent to the wash area. From the dining area, you can enter into the kitchen and one of the bedrooms. For the kitchen, the Korean counter top and the red & white multi-wood cabinets adds that special touch.

The top floor

The staircase leads to a large family living room. There is a TV unit on one side of the wall. This common area leads to the other two bedrooms. Both the bedrooms have separate dressing areas. The beauty of the cladding, the wallpapers and the textured paint finish is evident in many parts of this home.

To bring in maximum light, the living room wall and the wall near the stairway have been given frosted glass. So in the daytime, there is never a need of lights. The glass is also provided with bars for security and these walls only lets in light and not heat.

Once you have seen this house, you will realize that 5 cents is never too less to build a lavish home. In fact it could even be just enough.

A quick look

For a better elevation, the living room has been given a high ceilingThe common area is extra spacious when compared to others. The walls have frosted glass, but bars provided for better security. This brings in more light but not heat.

All rooms use LED lighting


P. R Judson, Judson Designers, Kochi

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