Space shouldn't be a constraint when plots are small!

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Shihabbuddin wanted to build a house. But the plot that he was taking a glance at had an area of only three cents. As Shihabbuddin stood there debating whether or not he should buy the plot, he saw the sun rising over the green fields opposite the plot. The sun's early rays cleared Shihabbuddin’s doubts and soon he had paid the the advance sum for the plot.

This was the tale behind the 1800-square feet house that stood above the road. The windows of the house were painted to match the colour of its exterior walls and it enhanced the beauty of the structure. The space between the house and the gate was enough for a car to be parked; bidding adieu to a specially made car porch. Past the gate, one has to take the stairs to enter the house.

The interiors

Space was the most important criteria while building this house and it is evident from the way it has been constructed. This house is an example of optimum utility of space.

Towards the left of the front door are the guest room and the prayer room. The location of the guest room as altered for reasons related to the Vaasthu of the house.

A big L-shape luxurious sofa set graces the living room. MDFL filigrees are used to separate the living and dining areas of the house. The wash area and curio shelves are also found here. Everything, including the curtains and cushions, seems to follow a cream and brown theme. A tinge of white here and there adds perfection to the decor.

The kitchen is well-designed and compact. Though the kitchen may not look as good as other moden-day kitchen, it is practical and serves its purpose. Utensils and articles are easily accessible and neatly arranged. A work area could not be constructed in the available 3 cents of land and an additional one cent was bought from the adjoining land to accommodate it.

The stairs that start near the prayer room go straight to the living space on the first floor. The design of the staircase has helped save a lot of space. The stairs have been given storage cabinets under them.

The living room on the first floor gets plenty of sunlight and ventilation. Its balcony opens to the vast green fields. The windows are big and they ensure sufficient ventilation, apart from giving the 'big-house feeling' from the outside. A corner in the living room has been used to mount the television.

There are two bedrooms on either side of the first floor living room with an attached bathroom. The bedroom windows give a good view of the beautiful scenery outside. The stair travels further up from the family area to the terrace. Washing machine and other utilities are placed here, thereby saving space.

Thinner walls

Even the walls have played an important role in saving space. One of the challenges in the designing stages of the house was to reduce the number of walls. A solution was found when areas were combined and the walls were made thinner so that they occupied less space. The interior is painted white and it gives a spacious feel inside.

Like its inmates, the neighbours have also started loving this beautiful house.

Wrapping it up

The design is straight, including that of the stairs, and it has been key in saving a lot of space.

Walls are thinnerWashing machine and related utilities are on the terrace and that saves interior space.The house looks bigger, thanks to big windows.An additional one cent was bought and the total plot area now stands at four cents.Architect speaks“The design of the staircase was crucial in building the house and it has helped save a lot of space.”Simi Shreedharan Architect, Common Ground, Kozhikkode

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