A home for 9 Lakhs!

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Here is a very touching story about a house. The story behind the thoughtfulness that made building this house possible. Biju's small yet beautiful home is located in Mallappally, near Thiruvalla. More than the architect Nisha Thomas, it is her father Mr. Thomas Abraham that deserves the entire credit of this house. Prof. Thomas is the manager of the Thuruthikadu BAM College and Biju is a Management staff in the same college. Mr. Thomas have known Biju and his wife Suja, a lab assistant in the same college for many years now.

Biju & Suja were residents of the Laksham Veedu colony and the only asset they could call their own was 8 cents of land that he had bought some time back. When his brother passed away, he gave the family 3 cents from this share to build a house.

A home on the remaining 5 cents has always been Biju & Suja's cherished dream. On coming to know of their dream, Prof. Thomas wholeheartedly offered to help the family.

The Architect was ready in house “ his daughter Nisha Thomas.

When the time came, Nisha had to travel to join her husband in the US. She visited the site of the house before she left and while in States, Nisha drew up a plan for the house. Her father overlooked the construction and made sure the plan was followed. He researched and found plenty of alternatives that could bring down the building costs. Apart from the financial dealings Biju & Suja did not have to bother about the construction at all.

The 800 sq. ft. home cost them only 9 Lakhs. Of this amount, the structure works came up to 4.5 Lakhs.

Teamwork at its best!

A sit-out, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, 1 attached toilet, 1 common toilet, kitchen and a work area all come together to form this simple house. This house is the result of the teamwork of many people. All the shops that provided them with the raw materials gave it to them in cheaper rates and without an eye on the profit. The painters agreed to work overtime till midnight without charging extra. The contractor in charge of the structure completed the work for them in just 1.75 Lakhs.

In Prof. Thomass college, the management had earlier laid the foundation for a new building in the campus. The construction of the building had to be dropped and so, the stones and mud used for Biju's house including the compound wall came from this building site. As his plot is in a low lying area, they had to elevate it using mud.

Recently Prof. Thomas had renovated his own house. The living room showcase frame, kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes in Biju's new home was from here. The drawings of the house was meticulous about the measurements allotted for setting up all this. Nothing here had to be adjusted for accommodating the furnishings.

The curtains were bought online. For two 9- feet long ready-made curtains, the rate was just Rs.130. The highlight of the house is no doubt the attractive exterior portion.

Hats off to the Architect Nisha for the excellent choice of colour themes.

When we were getting out after saying our goodbyes, we saw Prof. Thomas eagerly filming the house with his handy cam, like an excited kid. It is during moments like this that we feel an inexplicable compassion towards the world & the fellow beings around us.

At a glance

Old kitchen cabinets and wardrobes were installed as such. Without applying white cement, just a cement primer was used before the painting. The tiles used were obtained from the shop for Rs.10 apiece. These were pieces left out from previous customer orders. The tiles were laid out in the wash area and on the counter top. The doors were built with a combination of fibre, teak and jack fruit wood.

Architect Details

Nisha Thomas, Mallappally


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