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Kolenchery is known for its beautiful and scenic locales replete with greenery. When Shiju, an NRI, thought of building a home here, he was particular that he wanted the greenery around his house to remain. The 30 cent plot that he had purchased for this purpose was one with a high 'green qoutient.'

Shiju approached the architect duo Dini and Amesh for a plan. Their design team had offices in both Kannur and Dubai and that helped. The family did not want a run-of- the- mill style contemporary homes. They expected a design that was unique in every aspect and the designers delivered.


The sit-out was designed as a formal space to receive guests that aren’t too well known to the family. A built-in seating cum storage is a highlight element here. The flooring is done using leather-finished granite. A balcony that comes right above the sit-out area is designed in this similar style.

The doors in this house follow a different kind of design altogether. Though the main door is of teak wood, it has been painted a coffee-brown shade which is the theme followed throughout the interiors. This door is fashioned out of both wood and steel. The steel almost appear like glass. The doors of all other rooms are simple and made of a combination of wild jack timber and jack fruit wood.

Living Room

The living room has a formal touch to it. The double-height ceiling makes the room look regal. The windows of houses with double-height ceiling is usually a pointless addition. These are often not the kind that opens and this makes the room stuffy. But here, instead of giving the window latches inside, these come on the terrace side so it may be opened or closed as and when needed. The decor elements here, like the custom-made sofa set and the Sonata design blinds makes the room welcoming.

From outside, the sit-out leads to a big hall. A section of this hall is converted into a dining room. The dining table and chairs are also custom-built to suit the interior theme. Adjacent to the dining room, there is a light courtyard that could double up as a family living space. There is no difference in the floor level between these areas for this reason.


All the rooms have large windows that lets in ample light. The windows are built 1 feet above the floor and up till the lintel. The openings of the window come on the top and bottom and hence privacy cannot be an issue. Frosted glass has been given on the windows.

There are 2 bedrooms each on the ground and top floors and these come along the same line in the different levels. Of this 3 bedrooms are bath-attached. A common bathroom is built in such a way, so this can be used from the 4th bedroom. The proper positioning of the windows ensure cross-ventilation. The place for the wardrobes was decided upon earlier and hence the wall for it was taken inside and sliding doors added.

The Mahogany staircase that leads up from the formal living room is an attractive element. The wood is painted a coffee-brown to go with the dcor theme. The paint has a matte finish and this adds to the beauty.


The granite for the floors was purchased directly from Bangalore as this seemed more economical than buying from here. A red-veined pattern granite has been used in all the rooms. The same granite was used for the built-in seats of the sit-out and counter-tops in the kitchen and work area. The granite used on the stairs is of a black shade.

There is a spacious modern kitchen as well as a traditional one. These have been built on both sides of the dining room. Shiju’s wife Rincy’s brother handled the nitty-gritties of labour contract. The quality of building materials or the design feasibility were matters the family didn’t have to bother much about. There were no compromises in ensuring that only the best went into the construction of this house. 100 per cent satisfaction was thus guaranteed!

“We wanted a home that was unique, down to every little detail, a house that was never seen before with a design that transcends time,” adds the owner Shiju John.

Project Facts

Area – 3000 sq.ft.

Designers – Amesh & Dini, Aakriti Design Studio, Kannur & Dubai

Owner – Shiju John Kolenchery

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