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It is neither a fancy nor a low-cost home; the architect prefers to call ‘Scallion’ a budget home.

The owner of the house, Alok is a chef by profession and that explains the choice of the name ‘Scallion.’ Scallion is a term in cookery parlance used for spring onion or green onions.

The house is set on a rectangular shaped plot measuring eight cents. The position of all the rooms have been based on Vaasthu principles. There is a curved wall adjacent to the sit-out in the exterior is meant for growing creeper plants. Small pillar like stones form the boundary of the sit-out.


An L-shaped plan was decided on, to get ample space for the front yard.

The elevation is minimal with flat roofing. An elaborate elevation was not used as the house has a direct view from the road.

Kota stone slabs measuring 2x2 feet were laid in the courtyard.

The walls have been constructed of laterite stones. Sand from the river bed was used for concrete and for other uses rock sand.

Living Room

A double height living room, with a skylight opening on the roof. This makes it very bright and airy.

The TV unit comes in the courtyard adjacent to the living area. There is a water body in the living room

Hurudees cladding has been done on the walls and the flooring is done with bamboo.


The kitchen, living and dining areas are open. Though the style is open, you cannot see the kitchen from the living room. The family was particular about this. These three rooms were set on three corners of a triangular layout. The marine plywood cabinets here have been given a PU paint coat. By adding the wash area in between the dining and kitchen, some space was saved.


The stairs have been made with mild steel railings and teak wood steps.

The skylight comes above the staircase and lets in enough light.

A small bar area is set under the staircase.

There is a toilet below the staircase landing with a door to enter from outside.

Upper Living

The small living area that comes in between the 2 bedrooms on the top floor doubles up as a passageway that leads to the open terrace and to the other rooms.

There is an entertainment area with a TV unit here.

The skylight above helps to light up this area.


The bedrooms were designed by providing niche spaces. The wardrobe is given in this space.

Marine plywood with a veneer finish is used for the wardrobe.

The bay windows in the bedrooms double up as an in-built seating area.

An excellent example of space utilization is that the bay window, wardrobe or toilet has not been included inside the total 11x12 feet measurement of the bedroom

Architect Speaks

Rohit Palakkal

“The freedom that I got as the Architect helped me a lot with this project. The challenge here was to bring about a balance between the closed and open spaces in the interiors. Areas that required privacy was designed accordingly. The double height space in the other portions helped to bring in a connection on the whole. This makes the rooms appear large. Wardrobes, bar counter, TV unit etc. were given using niche spaces, instead of having separate designated areas. False ceiling, panelling or decorative lighting etc. were all avoided. Not even an inch of space has been wasted. Pompous, decorative elements has not been used anywhere. Erul wood is used for the doors and windows.”

Project Facts

Area: 1850 sq.ft.

Architect: Rohit Palakkal, Nestcraft Architecture Mould, Kozhikode


Owner: Alok Soman, Vallikunnu, Malappuram

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