5 simple tips to decorate your dining room

by Sunday , June 28 2015 10:20

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A beautiful dining room is an essential element of a stylishly decorated home. Pick a dining table that fits proportionately into your room and make sure you choose good quality linen in colours that go with the wallpaper and other furniture.Here are few tips that you can try to make your dinning room more awesome:

1. Centre of attraction: Pick a dining table that fits proportionately intoyour room while leaving adequate space for guests to walk around and arrange otheressential accessories as well. Also, choose a table that complements the design schemeof the rest of your home. For instance, for a vintage-themed abode, avoid thatcontemporary table no matter how visually pleasing it may be.

2. Colour play: By simply getting the colour quotient of your room correct, you can up the style statement by a few notches. If you've got a white chandelier, pair it up with matching white upholstery for the dining table. And voila! You've got yourself oodles of pristine charm. Alternatively, for a more modern artistic appeal, contrast white fixtures with red chairs and a black table.

3. Wallpaper: A luxurious wallpaper in the dining room can totally elevate theelegance of the space. Floral wallpapers in soothing shades such as coral or green canwork wonders when coupled with an artistic dining table. For a contemporary yetsophisticated look, you can also opt for classic wall stickers.

4. Table covers: It plays a huge role in the overall charm of your room. Make sure you choose good quality linen in colours that go with the wallpaper and otherfurniture. If you don't wish to hide your table with a full cover, you can go in forinteresting placemats for a modern room or ornate runners for a dining area that'smore regal in look.

5. Delightful detailing: An elegant paneled mirror on one of the walls, matched with an ornamental chandelier is sometimes all you need to create an elaborate space. Chic glassware is one of the most defining accessories you can invest in. A delicate flower vase in the middle of the table in high-quality cut glass and you're all set for a striking dinner party.

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