1043 sq ft house for just Rs 16 Lakh!

by Friday , July 22 2016 16:59

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Based on the experiencehehadacquired after working with Architect Niranjan, Deepu decided to draw up the plan himself.

A1000sq. ft. houseon5centsshouldineverywaybeabudgethome. Deepu spent only Rs. 16 lakhs for the entireconstructionofthe1043sq.ft home.


A compact exterior that is suitable for a small-sized plot.

The well in front was a new addition.

Thoughitisabudgethouse,there are nocompromisesontheaesthetics.

Wall cladding has been done on the front wall and right below this a planter box added.





Thehighlighter wallcomesatthestartofthiscorridor.





The integral element in the interiors is this corridor that connects all the major sections of the house.

The first part on the left of the corridor is the living space. After this there are 2 bedrooms, followed by the dining area and the kitchen and the last section is the Master bedroom.



Thewashareaandthekitchenisrightnexttothediningarea. BelowthewashbasinthereisacabinetmadeofMDF.

A special niche space was created to accommodate the wash area in order to save space a curio shelf has been built near to this.



Here is what DeepuSashidharan had to say: 'Myinitialideawastobuilda two storey house. But when I drew up the plan and worked out the budget, the plan had to be shelved. That would have cost me close to 25 lakhs at least. I brought Architect Niranjan to see the plot and he was also of the opinion to go for a single storey house instead. Since all the rooms come towards one side, there is absolutely no wastage of space. There are stairs given on the exterior to go up to the terrace. One vacation when I came down, the concreting was completed. The remaining works were also finished quickly. The construction material is predominantly Solid Blocks. We had to cut down all the coconut trees on the plot except for one, for the wood. My house is right at the Chirrakkal Junction and so decided to call it the Chirrakkal House.'


Area:1043sq. ft.




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