1602 BNW: A love story in black and white

by Thursday , February 04 2016 12:55

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'1602 BNW,' located at Eddapally in Ernakulam district, is a home that could easily belong to the pages of an International Magazine. And what makes it special is its unique colour scheme. Believe it or not, it sports a swanky modern design which follows a black and white theme.

Since the flat was purchased during the initial stages of construction, there was no need for renovations. The 1200 sq. ft., 2 BHK flat follows a black and white theme, but for the bathroom, which sports a different colour scheme.

A small foyer leads to the living area. As the space is less, the main hall is divided into a living and dining room. A white sofa of artificial leather takes up most of the living area. To go with the colour theme, there is a centre table in black and white. It was after much searching that they could get a rug in a white, black and grey theme.

The main door opens onto a foyer. An unusual touch of greenery that is not common in flats is the highlight in the foyer area. An artificial lawn carpet and pebbles on a low lying surface along with plants bring in a mini-garden effect in the flat.

The black and white dining table and chairs were brought at a reduction sale in Kochi. The chairs have steel legs and white rexine upholstery and the table with a black glass top completes the look. The dining area is set near the TV unit, so meals and entertainment can go hand in hand.

The wash area is in between the dining section and the bedrooms. The wall cladding here follows a black and white theme.

The kitchen is compact and done in an open style. Kitchens in flats are usually devoid of any sunlight, but here that is not a problem at all. A large window effortlessly solves that issue. One portion of the kitchen has been made into a separate work area for the washing machine and the fridge.

There are two bedrooms in this flat and both the rooms have black and white decor. The unique aspects in the bedrooms are the shapes of the wall niches and the style of the wall paper above the headboards. There is a balcony in one of the bedrooms. The attached bathrooms have some splashes of colour as these were designed quite early.

About the owner

Vinod, the owner of the flat is quite passionate about buying new places and working on the interiors of new homes. This flat on the 16th floor of the Oceanus Maple Apartment Complex in Eddapally, floored him at first sight. This was meant to be a holiday home of sorts where the family can relax away from work stress and hectic schedules. It also happened to be a surprise gift for his family. It took him almost a year to complete the interior of the flat.

Vinod lives in a 30 year old traditional style home where the interiors are replete with antique decor elements. This was the main reason behind option for a contemporary and modern look for his new flat. He had initially thought of having all the large and central decor pieces in black and white and adding showpieces or curios of different colours. Since the family does not live here for long periods, the black and white theme doesn't wear them out.

In order to be in line with basic vaasthu principles, a wall that was meant to be a TV point had to be taken down and instead of this the TV Unit has been moved to another wall. As the flat is quite small, some extra space was taken from an adjacent balcony to make a more spacious dining area. D'Life Home Interiors helped with design works of all the cupboards and wardrobes in the flat.

Only the sofa was custom made as per a given design, rest of the furniture were all bought at various reduction sales. Vinod travels often, and so the decor elements were collected over some period of time. Many show pieces that matched the theme were purchased from online home furnishing sites. Another interesting thing is the unique name of the flat - 1602, Black and White House!

Vinod Nair


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