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by Wednesday , October 12 2016 12:57

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The 62 cent, multi-layered plot in East Kodur in Malappuram District offered a challenge to Faisal Nirman, the designer, when he was assigned the task of building a home for Mujib Rahman and his wife Hazneth.

The owners of the house had one condition before designing the plan for the home: the new home must have simple interiors and must stand out for its grandeur. Thanks to Faisal’s brilliant vision and smart execution, their dream home has become a reality. This wonderful house is apt for the climatic conditions of Kerala. It is also a feast to the eyes of the beholders.

Faisal chose to preserve all the pristine features of the multi-layered plot intact. When he drew the plan, the house was positioned on the rear side of the plot. He even beautified the many layers of the land by smart landscaping.

One can get a clear view of the elevation of the house with all its details when viewed from the lowest end of the road. The zigzag roof pattern of the house is the main feature that enhances the beauty of the elevation. The gazebo and the car porch are designed to look like an integral part of the landscaping, adding to the total harmony.

This house is a smart blend of privacy and open style design. Each space is cleverly distributed. The central courtyard of the house gets ample sunlight, rain and breeze, which can also be regulated entirely or partially as per the requirement. The interiors look classy. The color theme, the furniture, the embellishments, the false ceiling and the flooring exudes grandeur. The brilliantly designed kitchen is also endowed with a remarkable charm.

As you pass through the interiors, you will be arrested by its amazing workmanship. The semi-circular staircase made out of glass and wood in fact turns out to be an adornment to the interiors. The interiors are really spacious; but are perfectly utilized too. You will not be able to find any space wasted. The bay window, fit at one side of the connection bridge that is built near the living room on the first floor, is the finest example.

One is bound to be filled with a sense of grandeur after taking a stroll around the house. At the same time, we will also be arrested by the stunning simplicity and elegance of this home which bears the signature of its smart designer.

Designed by: Nirman Designs, Mancherry

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