5 tips to fill your house with positive energy

by Tuesday , November 29 2016 17:22

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Do you want your house to give off positive vibes? Here are five simple tips.


The first and the most basic thing you have to do is to discard all unwanted things. Throw off all things you have not used for some time. Keep things in order.

Go green

Keep indoor plants. They give out oxygen and cleans out the air. Find an ideal plant for each room.

Open the windows

It is not ideal to keep the windows closed. Keep the windows open as much as you can.

Scent it up

Go in for natural room fresheners like camphor and sandalwood. The good smell will relax you and make you feel happier.

Go for friendly colors

From the cushions to the colors on your walls, everything will touch you. Go for earthy hues or peppy colors.

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