Best Vastu tips to keep in mind before buying a plot of land

by Tuesday , March 21 2017 10:17

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The plot of land in which a house is built can affect your happiness, success and prosperity, says Vastu shastra. According to experts, a house built on an inauspicious plot can bring bad luck to its inhabitants. Hence, it is always better to ensure that the plot you buy is Vastu-complacent.

Always make sure that the land has been dug out. Lands with a pathway and vehicle road, and those with ground water availability are ideal for construction. However, if the place is a dry terrain, it is advisable to stay off. One should also ensure the presence of greenery while buying real estate.

Keep in mind that the land you have zeroed in on is not a place that once had temples, sacred groves, and tombs. Look for anthills too, so that you can decide against buying such land. This is because the place could be home to serpents and is not suited for construction. Land stretches that house anthills could bring in poverty if you build a house there.

While constructing your new home, it’s auspicious to make use of any of the material that has been pulled off an old construction.

If you are planning to buy a flat, there a few do’s and dont’s you need to be careful about.

Make sure that the kitchen is at the Agnimoola as prescribed in the science of Vastu. This corner should fall in the Mithunam rasi and Dhanu rasi (North west)

The master bedroom should be either situated in the Kanni rasi, south west or North West (Dhanu rasi), Ishana Kon (Meenam rasi), and away from the Agnikone. Adhering to these would bring in prosperity.

If you intend to have a prayer room with idols in it, go for the Ishan Kon (Meenam rasi), Kanni rasi, at the south west corner.

Once you build your place of residence, it is always a must to have a compound wall around the building to transform it into a Vastu mandala.

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