The unique Kerala-style house in Adoor that could leave you awestruck

by Monday , August 08 2016 10:34

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Ethnic and traditional styled houses are gradually seem to going out of sight.

At a time like this, ‘Bhansuri’ is likley to catch your attention with its exquisite Kerala style exteriors.

Located at the Adoor High School junction, this house has so much to say.

The owners Binu Narendran & wife Gadha are ardent fans of the traditional architectural styles. More than the aesthetic element, it was the myriad benefits of this style, that influenced them to build a traditional style dream home. The exterior of the house has a nostalgic charm to it and can instantly transport you back in time. Elaborate wood work surrounds the sit out. A combination of Teak wood and Wild Jack is used here. The Charupadi or Sopanam was scientifically designed so that one can rest without hurting the spine. Simple roof tiles have been laid above the sit out. Below the sit out area, there is a low wall that appears to be made of granite. But, this is actually 'textured' work.

The Panchsheel foundation style, commonly seen in temples, has been used to build the house. The external walls have been left bare with the blocks exposed.

This method helped reduce the cost of construction significantly. The rate was Rs. 22 per brick, which was polished, and is inclusive of the labor charges.

The car porch is built a little away from the main structure of the house.

A lawn has been laid along the edges of the plot. The pooja room is on one end of the L-shaped sit out. The pillars on the veranda appear to be made of red laterite stone, when, in fact, it is 'textured' work again. The designers were careful about selecting antique lamps and light fittings here. There are two entrances for the house. The main door is built out of teak. The second door was added as the family has plans of renting out the top floor.


The interiors are quite simple. All the furniture was made out of wood and according to the preferences of the family. One wall of the living space has been highlighted in yellow. Niche spaces have been given on the wall adjacent to this and warm tone lighting added for effect. The dining area near the living is pretty basic too. The staircase leading to the top floor begins here. A door given near the stairs separates this portion from the rest of the room.

There are a total of 4 bedrooms in the house. There is a secret hidden in the attached bathrooms. The dressing area and the wash room have been hidden with a panel made of MDF boards. Even with a second glance you can’t guess that there is a bathroom in here!

The hall on the top floor is large and spacious. The balcony of one bedroom on this level is unique. It has been designed almost 4 feet from the ground and in the model of formal entrance or poomukham. Vitrified tiles are given on the floor. The plan of the house is as per Vaasthu principles.

Project Facts

Area: 2400 sq.ft.

Designers: Jayaram Prakash, Rithin, Aashiq

Owners: Binu Narendran & Gadha

Photos: Harikrishnan

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