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Building a home should not be about spending exorbitant amounts of money, it should be seen as an art.

The owner of this house, Arun Varghese Paul, is of the opinion that every house should have some unique elements. Along with the designer Deepak Amanathu, Arun was involved in every stage of the construction. The family had clear cut ideas about all the aspects of the building process and this was why they decided to use wood only for the main door. This house at Mathilakam in Kodungallur has much to say on how we can build a home without burning a hole in the pocket.

The highlight of the house is the modern style exterior and minimalist style interiors. Large corner windows and cladding done using natural stones make the exterior look more attractive.

Flooring magic

The most startling aspect of the interiors is the classic flooring. Katni Marble has been used for the public areas like the living, dining and kitchen areas. Only the bedrooms have vitrified tiles. The area that starts from the main door till the prayer room have Katni marble flooring of a different color, unlike the rest of the room. As the house is located in a place with soaring temperatures, the use of marble in the interiors has to some extent reduced the heat inside.

Minimal wood

The main door of the house is made of Teak wood. All the windows in the house are made of high-grade aluminium profile and this played a big part in saving costs. The rest of the doors use a plywood frame onto which ready-made doors were fixed. Even the cupboards are made of aluminium. The matte finish stainless steel staircase in the house is indeed a 'super star.' Below the stairway, there is a storage space and this is not made of wood. Aluminium and ferro-cement was used to build this cupboard.

Use of filler slabs

The concreting was done using filler slabs in order to reduce the inside temperatures. As the family didn’t want the roof tiles exposed, plastering was done over this. All the rooms have a height of 12 feet and this was also for having cool interiors.

House of many windows

The most striking feature of this house is the ample light and air flow in the interiors. The single bars on the windows let in enough air and light. On top of the staircase, there is askylight opening. A glass slab is placed over this opening but this is fixed by leaving gaps around the edges, and raised, so that the hot air can escape through these vents.

Class Furniture

Most of the furniture in the house is custom-made and this is certainly unbelievable going by the 'super-duper' look of it! There is even a sofa made by adding upholstery on a GI Tube Frame! All the beds are made of plywood. The dining table and chairs were made out of Mahogany wood that the family owned.

Priority for Privacy

The main priority for the owners was privacy and hence the plan does not follow an open style design. There are 4 bedrooms and an office room in the house. All the bedrooms have attached baths with separate dry and wet areas. The false has not been used extensively. LED lights in all the rooms helps in saving energy usage and costs.

Project Facts

Area - 3000 sqft

Designer - Deepak Amanathu

D K Associates, Irinjalakuda


Owner - Arun Varghese Paul & Sheeba, Kodungallur

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