This house does not need a fan and a light

by Tuesday , May 03 2016 09:57

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Vinodkumar, an NRI working in Oman had just one demand when he was building his house. There had to be ample light and air inside the house. Designer Bijoy Kuriakose took extra care in the placement of the windows and ventilation when he was drawing up the plan. Like Vinod wanted, there is absolutely no need of any lights or fan in the house during the daytime.


The house is set on 27 cents of land. As the plot is near a paddy field, the foundation was made strong and sturdy.


The house has a very creative colour theme – white, yellow and black. The highlight in the exterior is a square pattern design that has been given a texture paint finish. The chimney on the terrace has been designed like the stem of a lamp and at first look; one cannot guess what it actually is.

Sit out

The sit out has an open design. The seating area is done of granite.

Living Room

The living room has been built in double height. Below the wall there two windows; one has 3 sections and the other has 2 sections. The bars on the windows have fairly large gaps in between to let in enough air. On one wall of the living area, there is a TV unit.

Dining & Staircase

One can enter into the dining space through the living room. The staircase begins here too. Glass bricks have been given at the staircase landing to let in more light. Iron bars on this takes care of the security factor. The wash area in the dining room has been built almost like a separate room with a door, so privacy has not been overlooked. From this wash area, you can enter into the bedrooms.


There are 4 bedrooms in the house, 2 on each floor. Every bedroom has a separate dressing area. A big corner window comes on one side of the top and bottom rooms. The air flow gets channelled well inside the house due to this.

Upper Living

The staircase leads up to an upper living area. On a section of the wall, there is an opening designed with bars to let in air and light.


There is a big window with 3 sectionals in the kitchen. Adjacent to the kitchen is a small work area. Here, on one side is a 2 section window and on the other 2 sides, a glass bricks opening has been given. All the doors follow a similar design.

Project Facts

Vayaloram: Area: 2400 sq. ft. Place: Vallithodu, PathanamthittaDesign: Bijoy Kuriakose, Mangalasseril Design Consultants, Kottayam, Email:

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