Would you like a house that is radiant like the sun? Check out 'Visthara'

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Greenery, that is characteristic of villages, surrounds this house located in Perinjanam, Thrissur district. Built on plot with an area of two acres, the owner Sudinan Brarathu & family wanted a simple modern design. Architect Josna designed them a home that wasn’t too conspicuous and well hidden from the road, just as they wanted.

The architecture basically follows a Radial design, says Josna. In this method, the linear forms extend outward to all four corners from a centrally located core element. You have a view of the plantation around the house, from various sections. Only 10 percents of the area has been utilized to construct corridors or pathways in the house and hence space wastage is less. The remaining areas have been smartly used by the family.

The front yard replete with fruit bearing trees leads up to a cozy and compact sit-out. The wall paneling done with new-generation materials makes it look so much like actual wood. Pergola beams were used for the ceiling and a sheet of Polycarbonate has been placed over this.

Energetic Living & Dining

The interiors of the house is sure to leave you dumbstruck. The ceiling is almost 2-storeys high, and there are two L-shaped windows measuring 15 feet and filling the room with sheer brilliance. The top panels on these window is fixed and those below are sliding windows. Zebra blinds on the windows help to control the natural lighting level.

The walls are painted light green and the cushions on the sofa are of this same shade. A courtyard adjacent to the living area has plants that complement this beautiful and cheery green shade. The floor tiles have flowing patterns. There is no wall in between the living or the dining areas, but still it has a well separated layout. Some portions of the dining room have been given a false ceiling with LED Lights and rest is left as it is. The highlights of the dining space are the wallpaper with clock patterns and two big photo frames. The dining room leads into the sit-out and the lawn area. This room has sliding windows.

Path-breaking Kitchen!

The unique design of the kitchen resembles a spaceship! A black and white themed open kitchen. An attractive ceiling with LED lights adds to the appearance of the kitchen. The Pergola here opens into the terrace. A slab of glass has been placed on top of this with a few gaps for air circulation. While on the terrace this doubles up as a glass tabletop! An ideal spot for a moonlight dinner.

English Style Family living

There is a super English Vintage style family area on the ground floor. There are windows on the three walls, two of them have large double height windows. Light is in plenty in this space and the views of the pond and garden outside is lovely.

The staircase in the house is really mind-blowing. Designed and set on various levels, you can see the entire ground floor from the top of the stairs. The glass railings adds to the effect. The deck on the top reminds you of being on the deck of a ship! There are fixed windows on top of the walls to let in ample light.

There are four bedrooms in the house. Each bedrooms has an exterior space adjacent to it, something like a balcony or a sit-out. The balconies open out into the plantation surrounding the house. A common aspect for these spaces is the design that looks like a ship’s deck.

All bedrooms follow different decor styles. The cupboards in the dressing area are built at height of 10 feet with ample storage space. The attached bathrooms have frosted glass doors and shower cubicles.

Josna, the architect was particular that the house ‘Visthara’ should not have any shortcomings whatsoever. Especially when it came to the natural lighting.

And she has done complete justice we must say!.

Photos: Ajeeb Komachi

Interior Tips from the Architect

1. For better utilization of space in the interiors, keep the corridor and walking path area to the minimum.

2. When you opt for double -height walls, keep in mind the cleaning and maintenance of the top corners of the wall. Make sure you can reach them from the top of the stairs or from the top level.

3. Using blinds can ensure that they stay within the length of the windows.

4. Building cupboards as high as the ceiling in the dressing area can ensure that the top part doesn’t gather dust. You also get an extra storage space too.

5. When the furniture and modular kitchen is all custom made according to the requirements of the family, you can save a lot of space in the interiors.

6. It is better to reduce the use of wood as much as possible.

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