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The only requirement that Roy Varghese had in mind for his dream home was that the family should never feel uncomfortable within the four walls of his house. The interiors had to be characterized by open spaces. There should not be the need to switch on the lights during the day time and sunlight should pervade in every corner of the home. All of this was followed to the T by the architects – Jose B Sebastain and Colin Jose Thomas. This was the duo's maiden project.

The design perfectly incorporates everything that the family wished for along with complementing the specifics of the plot setting.

As soon as you open the main door to the living room, there isn't a wall to welcome you but green vistas! Instead of a wall in the living area, toughened glass has been erected. Outside, one can see a row of bamboo plants. The landscaped front-yard can also be viewed from here. The concept of walled interiors for the living space is done away with. Even being inside this house can do wonders to bust your stressful thoughts.

The L-shaped fabric sofa in the living room, the dining table, chairs and everything else are made especially to suit the interior plan. Nothing seems to be out of place. The living room leads to the other rooms, which have been constructed on the right hand side of the living area. The prayer area is in constructed between the living area and the family living space. This portion is built a little lower than the rest of the house. The flooring of the living space has been done with off-white satin finish vitrified tiles whereas the prayer space uses laminated wood flooring.

The family did not want to decorate their home with jarring, bright colors in the interiors. Instead only myriad shades of white and brown have been used. These colors are pleasing to both the eyes and mind. The smart choices of wallpapers and paintings brings in some elegant touches of color in the house. In this way, home make-overs in the future will be effortless and easy.

Though the architects followed an open plan, their design ensures that there is privacy for the bedrooms and other parts beyond the common areas. There are roads on both sides of the plot and houses close by. The family’s background is such that, visitors come in all the time. Keeping all these factors in mind, the design has included 3 zones – public, semi-public and private.

The house has been divided into three zone – public, semi-public and private. The sit-out and living room are part of the public zone, while the prayer space and dining space is included in the semi-public zone. The bedrooms, kitchen and family living area are part of the private zone. Even when there are guests at home, the private areas will be beyond reach.

More than beauty

There are 2 kitchens in the house. The show kitchen follows a semi-open style plan an has an off-white wall Only one section of the wall has been highlighted using colorful wallpaper. The cabinets are made of white multi-wood. White glass marble has been used for the counter-top.

More than just being a beautiful showpiece for others to admire, Roy was particular that usability and ease of maintenance should be given priority as far as the design is concerned. There had to be some sensibility to the aesthetic quality. The Kadapa marble chosen for the sit-out has a brushed, leather finish and this makes it less-slippery during the rains. The main door was given an extra panel that could be opened during an event in the house. This way, the guests can enter the house with ease.

The common areas have been given double height ceilings and below the staircase landing there is a special family seating area. All this was included keeping in mind the ease of use and comfort factor. All the 3 bedrooms in the house are in the west portion of the house as this is area is covered with trees.

It has been 4 months since the family started living at ‘Ferndale’.The joy of living here only seems to be growing more with each passing day. They can’t seem to get enough of it!

Tips and Ideas

The family shares their tips for making the interiors a lovely sight to behold.

Double –height rooms and open style plan can help to bring in a feeling of freshness to the interiors. The windows and ventilation has been placed in such a way that the heat of the sun will not be felt inside the house. At the same time there is no dearth of natural lighting.

There were some apprehensions about security when they decided to give a glass wall in the living room. Concrete pillars in Pergola design was given outside the glass to solve this problem. In the space between the glass and the pillars, white stones were added and bamboo was planted. Spot LED lights placed here gives this space a beautiful effect even during the night.

The staircases in most homes is often large and are not always appealing to the eye. A small and compact style staircase was built and the steel frame was covered with multi-wood. Under the stair landing there is a family seating area for chit-chat moments.

An enlarged and framed family portrait has been used as a personalized decor element for the stair area. By far the favorite spot in the house for the family is this!

The design ensured that the bedrooms remained private spaces even when the house is packed with guests. No tension on that front for the family.

It is natural for one to get bored of something one sees everyday, like home interiors for instance. Repainting is not always feasible and it is such a big hassle. Some portions of the common areas have wallpapers and when the boredom sets in, this can be changed to give a brand new look to the room.

Photos: Harikrishnan

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