A dream home for Rs 12 Lakhs

by Monday , September 28 2015 17:12

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To build a house without much wastage of money or space; was designer K.P. Shaji’s mantra when he decided to make his dream home. The entire cost of this 1125 sq. ft. home, including the interiors came up to just 12 Lakhs! The best part was that, he got 5 customers demanding that they get a home just like his.

The Living area, dining area & open kitchen come along the same line and adjacent to this is the Nadumuttom. The 8 cent plot was divided equally and the house was built on 4.5 cents. The remaining plot could be used by their children in the future.

The works were completed quickly as solid concrete blocks were used for the foundation and the walls. This greatly reduced the expenses too. Concrete roofing on the top floor was done only for the two bedrooms there. The rest of the portions have been given a truss roofing with roof tiles. A false ceiling of Gypsum board adds an attractive touch. The roof tiles used were old ones purchased for Rs 2 apiece.

The House Plan

Except for the main door, all the other doors used are ready-made fibre doors. As for the windows, concrete frames used saved them the cost of adding lintels. Other cost reducing elements were, applying textured paints instead of plastering the ceiling under the concrete roof, and fashioning kitchen cabinets out of Ferro cement.

They started construction only when all the required materials were purchased. The entire building process took just 4 months and the housewarming was held in January 2014.


Foundation & Walls – Solid Concrete Blocks

Doors – Ready-made Fibre Doors

Windows – Concrete frames, glass, wood

Flooring – Vitrified Tiles

Cabinets – Ferro cement, Marine Plywood

Roofing – Concrete, Steel Truss, Roof Tiles

Project Facts

Area: 1125 sq. ft.

Designer & Owner: K.P. Shaji (Drishya an Styles, Mayithara, Cherthala)

Contact: drishyanstyles@hotmail.com

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