A 2400 sq. ft. marvel on 5 cents

by Friday , June 19 2015 11:54

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According to director Anil Chandra, film direction or ad film making is a breeze, when compared to building your own home. This is what exhausts you like nothing else. And alas, when all the work is completed, you experience the same tension that a director faces when he awaits the release of his film.

When the guests, assembled at the house - warming applauds whole heartedly at the results; it is almost like a box office hit!

A fusion of traditional and contemporary design- let us pay a visit to his home in a place called Desham, located near Aluva.

For constructing the house, Anil purchased a 5 cent plot from a Villa group. He was clear about the kind of style that he wanted and hence this made things easy for the architect.

A traditional touch is predominant in the exterior of the house. As both sides of the house has roads, extra care was taken about the exterior of the house.

Cladding has been done on the front wall. The roofing of the car porch is especially commendable. From a distance, the house does not appear like it is built on just 5 cents. The house measures up to 2400 sq. ft. and a flat truss roofing has been done over it.

Project Facts

Sq Ft: 2400

Place: Desham, Alwaye, Ernakulam

Architect: E K Priyesh

Owner: Anil Chandra, Indivaram

The interior design of the house gives prominence to the common areas. Wood is a major design element that features in the interior dcor. Since the wood follows a darker theme, the rest of the parts have a contrasting lighter theme. Even the furnishing follows this colour code. Even though the house is set on only 5 cents, there are separate dining and living areas. The wooden crockery shelf is on the partition wall between these areas. There is a bedroom and a kitchen in the lower level.

The stairs to the top floor starts at the dining area. There is a seating space given on the first landing, complete with full length louvre model blinds. This is a very unique touch to the area, as it lets in enough light into the interior and makes way for some shadow play patterns too. The prayer area is located near the stairs. Right near this space, blinds are also given behind the TV, as a continuation of the louvre.

Waiting for neighbours

The family’s love of books made them add a mini library on the top floor. The stairs end at the living space on this floor. There are two bedrooms and the main attraction here are the sights seen through a corner window in the living space. The railings in the balcony are designed in line with the gate and compound wall of the house.

The house is made of laterite stone which came up to 21 rupees per piece. Teak wood was used for all the doors and windows, whereas the cupboard, cabinets & hand rails were of Mahogany. Vitrified tiles for the floors. The stairs are given a flamed granite finish.Though most of the plots nearby have been sold, nobody has started construction yet. Just like how the family got a good home, they hope to get good neighbours too.

Architect - E K Priyesh, Saptaa Architects, Ernakulam (saptaa.kochi@gmail.com)

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