Check out this enticing house built on four cents of land

by Friday , September 16 2016 16:37

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Ever wonder how a house would appear if the owner chose to design the interiors himself? It would, undoubtedly, be an authentic expression of his passion and aesthetic perspective.

This house, built on a plot with an area of four and a quarter cents of land in Marad, Kochi is once such example. Christened as ‘Harishree,’ this beautiful house was designed by its owner Rajesh, who is an interior designer. The house, thus, bears the signature of the gifted interior designer.

‘Harishree,’ a 2000 sq ft house, almost occupies the entire area of the plot. Surprisingly, the limitation is not felt due to intelligent implementation of designing techniques. The designer, has cleverly landscaped the exteriors and planted shrubs in the plot, adding to the charm of the house.

You will be arrested by the striking visual effect displayed by the home’s exterior that in unique and unlike all contemporary building styles. Every window in the house has a sunshade. These shades add beauty to the exterior.

The sliding gate that can be pushed to the sides offers a transparent view, which liberates the residents from feeling a sense of confinement. The toughened glass roof on top of the porch does the same function.

Enter the house and you would be stunned by the striking visual frames. The interiors are so beautifully conceived and designed. One would consider it to be a priceless work of art. The designer’s master touch is evident everywhere including the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

The flooring has been done using light-colored vitrified tiles. Marine plywood has been done with kitchen cupboards, while veneer has been used for its finishing. The same concept has been used for wardrobes in the bedrooms. Laminated ply and gypsum ceilings add charm to the interior.

One cannot fail to notice a wonderful symmetry evident in everything inside the home, which resembles the harmony in family relationships. The two storied house has three bedrooms. Except these rooms, all other areas in the house exude a sense of openness. Plenty of daylight flows into the interiors. Even the colors of the curtains are so sensibly chosen that they flawlessly carry the daylight in.

Only LED lights are used inside the house. As most of them as fitted in such a way that light do not fall directly, your eyes are never dazzled by the lights, be it night or day. Anyone who visits the house will get a cool feeling that will definitely remain in the heart.


Area: 2000 sq.ft.

Estimated cost: 50 lakhs

Owner: Rajesh N. Menon, Harishree, TKS Road, Marad, Thrippunithura.

Designer: Rajesh and Hari Govind

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