This verse of a home is a treat by the backwaters

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It was the pristine beauty of the backwaters that led Amit Passi, who works at a multinational firm in Technopark, and his wife, Alakananda, to choose this penthouse by the lagoon.

Interestingly, Amit himself was the interior designer of this 3,820 sq ft penthouse. The terrace area alone measures 1,860 sq ft and is an ideal party space. Separate seating areas have been built here.

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The highlight dcor element on the terrace is a canoe model boat. Amit bought two boats from the beach. One was placed here and the other one was cut to fashion out three teapoys for other rooms.

The living area is towards the left side of the foyer. The highlight element of the foyer is the web-like design done on the wall using MDF boards. For some parts on the ceiling, the same pattern has been given with an Onyx stone finish. The table in the foyer is actually a part of the boat. The metal artwork done on the ceiling was done by Amit himself. A long passageway towards the right side of the foyer leads directly to the terrace area.

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Dining area

The design of the passage area filled with photos and moments captured of the family was done by the lady of the house, Alakananda. The open style kitchen and the adjacent dining space are given at a little higher level than the living room. Glass windows bring in the beautiful vistas of the waters outside. A runner was placed in the middle of the dining table and over this, glass was laid. The legs of the dining table too has a web pattern.

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A bark panel that was brought in from Mumbai could not be curved as required and hence, this had to be cut into two for beautifying the wall and the ceiling of the master bedroom. Lighting was done for this by giving separate wiring inside the panel. The similar design pattern seen on the bark has been done in acrylic for the cupboard.

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As for the son’s bedroom, the dcor theme followed is based on cricket ball. The ball design has been done using acrylic. The cupboards were done by laminating teak wood design onto plywood.

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