Three decor trends that you cannot miss

by Wednesday , February 08 2017 07:42

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Say goodbye to your plain white walls, they are so yesterday. It is time to embrace the latest trends. We give you three trends that are in this time of the year.

The walls

Do it up with bright colors. Shades of green, bright flame yellows and oranges are the colors you should be thinking off. If you are a huge fan of whites, you can brighten things up by adding bright curtains and wall hangings.

Art inspired wallpapers

If you love wallpapers, florals are in. You can also do up your walls with custom-made designs and photographs of special moments that you want to cherish forever. If you are an art buff, get a copy of your favorite artwork done on the walls.


Terracotta tiles are trending. They are earthy and give a unique touch to the walls and floors. It is eco-friendly too.

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