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What makes royal and luxurious interiors stand out are the grand decor elements. Antiques and artifacts of historical significance can also be seen in this interior decoration style. A royal luxury interior often finds its influence from palaces of Greek or Persian origins.

When it comes to interiors, there are many that prefer to see some extravagance and over the top luxury. The furniture or decor pieces are classic with a high decorative quotient and are not always too user-friendly.

These give a sense of lavish luxury the minute you step into the home. Unique and intricate works, elaborate patterns and expensive, high quality materials are some of the highlights of royal luxury interiors. They are specially made and designed according to owner requirements and vary in styles.

Whether the luxury interiors follow a modern or traditional style, there will always be a grand touch that exudes richness. Prices can go sky high depending on the level of grandeur. The rooms are always decorated keeping the structure and layout in mind and an element of drama will be there in every piece chosen. The play of variety colours is also experimented with, in this interior style. From Mediterranean style golden highlights, or glaring shades to pleasant pastel colours, can be seen in this styling.

The fabrics used across the rooms will follow similar colour themes. Contrast shades are rarely used in royal interiors. Golden, bronze or Gilt shades that have a rich feel are commonly seen. Furniture used is mostly those with antique style works, and elaborate additions. Consoles, chests, corner shelves are the items that feature largely in luxurious interiors.

Antique pattern mirrors can be part of the wall decor. Crystal chandeliers and wallpapers with motifs of neutral shades impart a royal touch and feel to the rooms. Various decorative patterns can be seen on the ceilings too. As for artifacts and curios, it is mostly gold plated items, glass vases, silver or bronze articles and so on. The windows are not left out of the fun either. Lavish, heavy & gaudy curtains of multiple layers makes it all the more royal. The fabrics used here are satin or velvet.

At all times, there will be takers for royal luxury interiors. Such interiors don’t go out of style that easily. The quality of materials used is often first class and thus they stand the test of time. Such old world charm will stay fashionable and attractive no matter what.

Interior Designer:

Janis Naha Sajeed


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