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by Tuesday , October 11 2016 17:00

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When it comes to owning a dream home, the new generation often attach their wagons to the stars. Jebin was no different. An interior designer, who had worked in Dubai along with his brother Nibin, had seen many dashing houses there. Those homes and apartments had immensely inspired him to build his dream home back in Kerala. Thus, he chose to build his house in contemporary manner.

This is what Jebin has to say:

I have built my new home in Pottuchira near Karuvannoor in Thrissur District. My wife Risha and my kids Abshen and Ayisha are residing in the new house now. As the plot, chosen for the construction of my house is situated between our ancestral home and the house which my father had built later on, we decided that the plan of the house must suit to the plot. The plot lies in a shape that sprawls towards the rear.

Our home consists of four bath-attached bedrooms, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor, a living room, kitchen, work area as well as other basic facilities. On both floors, we have a family and living room.

On the exterior, our house has a colonial style slanting roof overlaid with a design pattern resembling wooden planks placed one over the other. The entrance is embellished with a square arch made of square pipes painted in white. The entrance doesn't directly lead to the sit-out. Instead, you first enter into the foyer, that leads to the sit-out and then to the living room. Under the staircase, there is some space that has been set aside for our footwear.

White theme

The highlight of the living room is an elegant sofa in white and gray, imported from Dubai. A pattern created in rubwood on the walls adds charm to the living room. The pattern is continued to the dining room which is adjacent to the living room. Three plywood frames are superimposed on this pattern.

Dining area and the staircase

The living room leads to the dining room and the living room. The space beneath the staircase is used for as the family room. The living room does portray an Arabian touch. The seats are arranged in such a way that you can watch television programs while sitting on the ground. In Arabic, they call it ‘Majlis.’ According to them, Majlis is a place where you receive the guests and entertain them. The same pattern is followed in the living room on the first floor too.

The wooden pattern fixed on the wall between the dining area and the kitchen is made out of acrylic sheet. This was also brought from Dubai. The original plan was to bring home the acrylic sheet that was cut off during the laser cutting process for creating the wooden design, so as to fix them in the living room. But the idea was later dropped as the sheet was too huge for a transit. Instead, we had fixed a window made of metal in the same set aside for this idea.

Kitchen - more aesthetic than functional

The kitchen and the work area are close to the dining room. Major chores including cooking are done in the work area. When I decided to paint the kitchen in pure white, I had this in mind. A common bathroom is built adjoining to the dining room. The common foyer, which leads to the bathroom and the bedroom, is also used as a study area.

The cupboards in the bedrooms are made of laminated ply, while the cots are made of wood. Imported teak wood was used for the wood work, which are painted in white so as that it blends in with the rest of the house. Highlighter paint was applied on one side of the walls in every bedroom to make them look lively.

The staircase is the most appealing factor inside our house. It is a show of space. Artificial grass embossed on the wall adjoining the staircase immensely enhances its beauty. Our company has a wing that conducts exhibitions in Dubai. The leftover artificial grass from those exhibitions was in fact used here. This grass is also placed on the walls of the dining area.

The white theme does spread happiness to everyone living in this house. The merriment of the children, their smiles and pranks add to the sprightly ambiance.

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