Be mesmerized by the stunning transformation of this mediocre home in Thrissur

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For twelve years, Dr. Santhosh lived in his home happily. But, on the twelfth year, the doctor, who was futuristic in his attitude, began to notice its limitations. The home, which once was a dream home, had to be renovated to meet the growing needs.

The three bedroom home with a hall and a common toilet was beginning to get outdated. There was no space for a consultation room. The construction of the house offered little solace for the escalating heat. In the summers, life is really unbearable. What next? He pondered over. Finally, the doctor decided to renovate the house.

That was how his home situated in Mala, Thrissur, underwent a ‘cosmetic surgery.’ Santhosh did not favor the idea of setting up a truss on the concreted roofed home. It is disharmonious, the doctor observes. Whereas, it goes well with colonial style homes. Truss roof rightly fits with such designs. Thus, he decided to redesign the house, giving it a colonial touch.

Operation begins

The parapet was the one to receive the first hammer blow. A bath-attached consulting room was built adjoining the house, with a car porch in its front yard. The sit out was enlarged. The new consulting room is situated on the right of the main door, which opens to the living room. The hall is on the left.

Earlier, a portion of the hall was used for dining. In the renewed home, the bedroom adjoining the hall was redesigned as the new dining space. A wooden curio shelf separates the hall from the dining. The bottom portion of the shelf was used for storage purposes. In the old house, there was a small door leading to the kitchen, which is now replaced by a spacious new opening. The wall on one side of the dining room is highlighted with a green shade. The utility room, set behind the dining room, is too lovely to be compared with the old work area.

The kitchen has undergone an out-and-out makeover. Gone are days of a bleak kitchen sweltering with smoke and embers. The new modular kitchen sparkles with a welcoming sheen. MDF shutters are coated with automotive paint. The frame is furnished with multiwood. The stair case is a perfect paradigm of innovative experiments taking place in modern home designing. A fine blend of Marine ply and multi-wood was used to build the staircase. It proved to be really cost effective and strong too. Hand rails are made of stainless steel. A television was installed beneath the stairs.

A pergola set on the top of the staircase is yet another experimental move. Usually, a pergola is topped by glass or a polycarbonate sheet. Whereas, here there is no roof for pergola; it is an open one allowing free space for exhaling hot air. As there is truss above the roof, there is no chance for rainwater to enter in.

Simplicity is the hallmark

New vitrified tiles replaced the old flooring in the kitchen and dining room. In other places, the floor was polished again. A new work area was built in the space adjoining the kitchen, which opens to the backyard.

The walls of the living space in the first floor and one side wall of each of the three bedrooms were painted with highlighter colors. Curtains with matching colors were also used, adding to the harmony. The doors of the old inbuilt cupboards were polished and fixed on the new wardrobes. The old roof tiles were freshly painted and were used for truss. Pavement tiles were arrayed on the courtyard, with some space set apart of the refreshing green lawn.


The new dining area is set in the space earlier occupied by a bedroom. One side of the bedroom wall is highlighted with green. The bedroom on the right and the common toilet were preserved in its original state.

Kitchen, Dining

The small entrance in the old house was reconstructed into a larger one. New tiles were paved on the floor. The wash area was newly set behind the dining space.

Salient alterations

The first floor was constructed

Porch and bath-attached room were added to the ground floor

Old work area was renovated into a utility area

One bedroom was reconstructed as dining space.

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