Home decor ideas

Bright ideas for how to design your living room, bedroom, bathroom and every other room in your house. Decorating ideas for a stylish, cozy living room. Discover stylish interior design ideas for your home with the latest interior inspiration and decor pictures and tips for your room.

These are two separate houses

Thursday , January 21 2016 17:59

Bringing home memories of a beach vacation

Monday , January 18 2016 18:01

Century-old home revamped for Rs 10 Lakhs

Tuesday , January 19 2016 10:54

Luxury objects for your living room

Monday , January 18 2016 15:03

Kangri - Staying warm the Kashmiri way

Friday , January 15 2016 13:17

Of Buddha, Lakshmi and an amazing house

Wednesday , January 06 2016 10:13

70-year-old home renovated in 100 days

Saturday , December 26 2015 10:57

My Home

Living Room for your family!

Family living room is the most crucial space around which the whole house gravitates. It is the space that reflects the taste of the home owner. Living room for a family is the right place in your home to relax after a busy day and socialise...

Wall Decor Ideas

Rooms with nothing more than furniture and some empty walls can become boring with time. Use some tips and tricks to transform your walls and add style to any room in your home. Wall decor ideas range from framed photographs to mirrors to...

Lighting Trends

A light for every need marks the latest trend in lighting a home. With changing trends, lighting has evolved from 'filling the room' to a more personalised and customised concept based on need and situations. These latest trends enable...

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