This minimalist home keeps it simple and suave

by Tuesday , March 14 2017 09:46

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Less is more. The idea of minimalism draws a picture of what comprises the essentials. Anything beyond that would be unnecessary additions. When home interiors too tread the path of minimalism, beauty descends in the most laudable fashion. This is true with the apt use of space, materials and hues.

This house in the heart of Bengaluru city is one that has opted to go minimal. The house constructed on just 5 cents of land doesn’t make you look for more space. The smartly done interiors make the house akin to well-worded poetry, sans any hiccups.

Minimalist designs bring in the feel of added space. Walk into the space that connects the dining room and kitchen of this house and you will agree. The walls are painted white, while a portion behind the Buddha statue in the room is colored light orange. The chairs around the dining table, the chandelier above, and the window sills are also orange-hued.

Living room

The minimalist way of thinking brings in versions of the geometrical figures so as to make the room look bigger. The interiors here are adorned with small and large squares. The furniture is just about normal size and made out of steel and leather. Wood has been fully kept at bay. The orange shades make an appearance here too, on the chandelier above and the sofa.

Vivid colors find their place in these minimalist designs too. The sofa in the family living room is colored red, while the other furniture pieces sport brown hues. The smart use of colors give the room the much-needed spacious look.

The open terrace has a grassy lawn, which is paved as if it is an extension of the interior. The space provides for leisurely chats, parties and can double up as a space for your morning exercise too. The long corridor space adds to the charm, while on the wall are clay masks painted in a variety of colors, which give it an additional shot of elegance.

House courtesy: Dr Pavan Rangaraj, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru
Design: Shaun Saju Verghese, S Dinesh
Architect Team: Living Edge Architects & Designers, Bengaluru

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