A traditional home with a colonial touch

by Tuesday , April 25 2017 18:05

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Call this a fusion of styles, an amalgam of the colonial and the traditional. Standing on 14 cents of land in Thirunavaya in Malappuram, this 4,200 sq ft house is a new concept in architecture. Owner Basheer Gurukkal, couldn’t be more happy with his Changampalli House.

The highlights of the house are its swanky living room and roof-top swimming pool.

The rooftop design, replicated for the car porch, enhances the ambiance of the structure and its layout.

The show walls outside are embellished with aluminum cladding.

The garden has been paved with Bangalore stone.

The windows are long and elevated – some as elongated as 11 ft. Most of them are single-paned.

The doors and windows have been done in teak wood from Vietnam.

The rooftop has been paved with shingles.

The family living room, set five ft above all the other rooms, stands head and shoulders above all the other architectural delights of the dwelling.

The wide open living rooms connect both the upper floor with the ground floor.

The living room is visible from all corners of the house.

The kitchen cabinets have been done up with wood in PU-finish.

Nano-white slab for the counter top looks stunning.

The dining room has been dressed with wall paper. Plywood panels painted in white cover the walls.

The kitchen backsplash (the space between the countertop and cabinet) is of glass.

The staircase railings are crafted in teak wood.

A central beam supports the staircase and each step has been concreted on to the central beam which heightens the chic look of the steps.

The bathrooms have separate wet and dry areas.

The floor marble, bought directly from Rajasthan, has been well laid.

The two courtyards adjacent to the living room and the verandah add to the look of the house.

The rooftop pool can be accessed directly from outside.

Project facts

Location: Thirunavaya, Malappuram

Area: 4,200 sq ft

Designers: Shiyas Ibrahim, Sijo Krishnan, Siraj

Ascon Builders, Muvattupuzha


Owner: Basheer Gurukkal

Changampalli House

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