Three bedroom house for 12 Lakhs!

by Saturday , October 11 2014 16:45

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Postal Services employee Latha’s ancestral home is at Mundakkayam near Kottayam. Her husband Vishwanathan is employed with FCA and they reside at Kottayam leaving no one to tend their old home. Renovating didn’t seem like a good idea, taking into consideration the age factor. The next option was to pull it down entirely and build a small house in its place. Latha’s nephew Rajesh Janardhanan, a civil engineer by profession draws up a plan for the new home. And the budget for it – just 12 Lakhs!!

A small and basic home measuring 928 sq.ft., but functional enough, was what Rajesh had in mind. The house is set on level plot of 2.5 cents at the side of a cliff. The only demand the owners put forward was, that the home, though small, should meet their every need without much compromises. So there you have it - 3 bedrooms, a hall and kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket!

The house is in the middle of beautifully landscaped exterior and this is indeed a bonus mark. The compound wall is designed so as to suit the exterior look of the house. Except for the flat roofing done over the sit-out area, the rest of the house has a slanting roof. Cladding has been done on one portion of the pillars in front.


The main door of the house opens onto a Puja space and the interiors are done up with a pleasant mint green shade. The cabinets and cupboards follow this same theme. The living and dining areas are compact with a low level wall separating both the spaces. Here’s a peep into Rajesh’s cost-saving mantra for a dream home;

  1. Only the two doors that open to the outside are of wood. All the interior doors are readymade doors made of fibre-coated, seasoned wood. Money saved on this, was almost 1 Lakh.
  2. The toilet which is usually built at a height of 10 feet was instead built on 7 feet.
  3. The roofing was done using old roof tiles which were newly painted. The new ones would cost around Rs.14 per tile, whereas in this case the cost came up to just Rs. 2.
  4. Modular switches were given only in the common areas like sit-out and dining room. The bedrooms have ordinary switches. All the switches are set in PVC boards and not metal boxes.
  5. Only the common areas have wall putty and the rest of the areas have been done up with normal cement primer.

According to Rajesh Janardhan, “Vaasthu considerations were only done with regard to the perimeter of the house and everything else was to the home owners’ liking and requirements”.

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