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by Friday , November 04 2016 17:48

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Wind Chimes in Kadavanthra, Kochi is not the usual apartment you come across so often. It is unique and distinct to the core. This ‘boutique style’ apartment is a definite break away from the traditional rules and concepts of an apartment.

40 cents of land is definitely not an ample space to build an apartment complex. The road that leads to the plot is not spacious either. The rules did not permit to construct an apartment which has got more than four floors. The first challenge was to convert this limitation to an advantage. Thus, Wind Chimes emerged in the form of three exquisite houses. Each of these houses has three storeys with two apartments on each floor.

The scanty plot is smartly designed with plenty of ‘green space.’ This private space is designed in a way that the residents of the house can use it for leisure and private interactions. It also considerably brings down heat.

The sensibility of the architect, who has taken into consideration even the slightest needs of the residents in arranging the facilities, is indeed laudable. One of the most disturbing sights commonly seen in the apartments is the laundry or washed clothes hung on the handrails of balconies. “We know this is not right. But, we have no other option,” the housewives would express their helplessness.

This issue is cleverly dealt with in Wind Chimes, as separate drying and laundry spaces were allotted to each of the residents on the attic of each apartment. A grill divides one space from the other. Common amenities like a swimming pool and a club house make life in Wind Chimes a joyful experience. Adjoining to the club house, there is a 50 seater hall and a table tennis court.

The exterior design of Wind Chimes has an arresting mark of originality. The slanting roof and the walls overlaid with terracotta tiles will definitely impress the beholder. Gray shingles are paved on the roof. The walls are coated with white and gray along with the color of clay. The shades of soil are used as the theme color of the house.

Central courtyards and large open spaces warmly welcome the breeze and the light. A wooden fence separates the balconies of the flats. Open any window of the Wind Chimes, and you will hear a very delicate chime from the heart of the nature.

Architect: Jibu John

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