Interior for flat: aesthetics, usability are the mantra of this businessman

by Thursday , August 04 2016 13:12

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An up-close and personal look at the luxurious flat interiors of Humayun Kalliyathu, Executive Director of Kairali TMT.

Businessman Humayun Kalliyathu and wife Yasmin Mather’s new flat has two interesting factors - exclusive interiors that please the mind and a design that gives equal priority to both aesthetics and usability.

Located at the Pallazhi Bypass junction in Kozhikode, the flat is situated in the third tower of the Highlight Apartment complex. It took them about four months to complete the interiors as well as the touch-up work in and around the flat. Since they shared a good rapport with the builder, a few structural changes were possible. Thus, they were able to add more features depending upon their requirements.

Dining Room

The dining area is adjacent to the living space. An imported gray dining table is the main highlight here. The size of the glass top table can be adjusted. The chairs have leather upholstery. The wall on one end of the dining table is highlighted with cladding tiles. On the opposite side, there is a Di-NOC sheet. This has been left empty for now. The family has plans of including a world map here which highlights the places that they have traveled to.

Living Room

Humayun preferred a glossy appearance while Yasmin liked a matte finish. The furnishing has been given a glossy touch whereas the walls and flooring have matte finish. The beige leather sofa and walls stuck with cork paneling makes this room stand out out from the rest. The panels were specially imported from Japan.

Car Craze

Humayun is a diehard fan of cars. His passion is evident in all the paintings and decor elements used in the interiors. The curios seen in the living and dining space are mostly models of cars and other vehicles.


There used to be a wall in between the living and balcony space earlier. This was taken down and has been replaced with glass sliding doors. This makes the room look larger and more spacious. It also allows more more light and fresh-air into the flat. The walls here use gray tile cladding. The antique furniture and paintings purchased from Fort Kochi and Mattancherry add a special charm to the balcony space.

TV Room

The TV placed in the living room. There is a Di-NOC sheet used to highlight the wall where the TV unit is placed. The flooring is done using laminated wood that has a matte finish. The flat had vitrified tiles laid and the wooden panels were stuck over the tiles. The old doors were replaced with new wooden doors which has a veneer coating on top.


The kitchen is a small and compact space with all the necessary amenities. The design follows a straight-line style. The counter and breakfast table is made of pristine white Korean stone. Glass shutters are used on the cabinets below, and the overhead cabinets have shutters with multi-wood acrylic painting.


The children’s room follow pink and blue color scheme. Sponge, with a covering of red and blue fur fabric, is used to make the headboard of the bed. The Roman style blinds are made with navy blue fabric. The special type of wallpaper stuck on the walls could be painted in any shade of preference. The wall adjacent to the headboard in the master bedroom and has been highlighted by the leather upholstery. There are a total of three bedrooms in the apartment. All the rooms have beds with an in-built storage space. The LED lights given under the beds give a unique effect to the room.

Architect: Naziya Hani

Photos: Harikrishnan

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