Time for a New Gen Bath

by Sunday , June 05 2016 17:41

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Today's bathroomsarerefreshingareas,wherepeoplelove to spend some quality 'Me time.'

Bathshaveturnedintoelaboratespaceswhereonecanfeelrelaxedinan instant.

Malayalees are always ready to splurge on big sized bathrooms, probably because we had forefathers who used to have their bath routines by vast river sides or large ponds. Most of them approach architects with specific requirements of having separate wet and dry areas in the bathrooms. Such partitions can be brought about with the help of glass or shower curtains even.

Pristinewhitebathscanhaveaplantortwoforarefreshingtouch.If you love to look at the sky while in the shower, you could opt for open bathrooms with glass roof.


Bothaestheticsandpracticality should be given equal importance when bathrooms are designed. 90 per cent of the customers seem to prefer white sanitary fittings. As for the closets, more than the traditional oval style, square shaped closets are now in demand.

Anti-skidtilesareslowlygoingoutoffashionandmattefinishtiles are quickly catching up. These tiles are easier to clean and maintain.

Indirectlightinginbathroomsisgivenmorepreferencethesedays.Indirect light strips can be added to false ceiling.


Aslifegotfast-paced,showertimescamedowntoo,andbathtubsranoutofbusiness.In its place, many new generation gadgets have found its way to the baths.

ModernclosetspricedbetweenRs.3000toRs. 8lakhs are now available in the market. The really expensive closets come equipped with high-end features like perfumed wash or closet bowl lids that open automatically when it senses someone in the toilet.

Afterroofshowersandhandshowers,thelatestentrantsarebody showers that can be plugged onto the wall at body level.

Thestarnodoubtis the latest LED showers that has different light settings according to water temperature or even the thermostat showers with remote controlled temperature settings.

WaterproofBluetoothspeakersarenowavailablesoyoudon’thave to interrupt calls in the name of a shower.

Thesecanbeattachedtothewalltomakecallsor forlisteningtomusic.


Withthechangeinthegeneral character of a bathroom character, huge changes have come about in the market too. Myriad national as well as international brands compete for market space.

Jaguar,Cera,Parryware,HindwarearesomeofthetopsellingIndianbrands.Americanbrands like Breeze, Delta, Spanish brand Roca and the Japanese company Toto are the established and popular international brands in this space.

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